Community Shield will see new penalty shootout system if Arsenal and Chelsea play out a draw

2017 FA Community Shield Arsenal Chelsea new penalty shootout
The Community Shield will be played on 6 August between Arsenal and Chelsea

What's the story?

The Community Shield game between Arsenal and Chelsea on 6 August (Sunday) will see a new system adopted for the penalty shootout if the match ends in a draw.

The FA had recently announced that the traditional system of 'AB-AB' where teams alternate penalty kicks will be replaced by the 'AB-BA' system after recommendations by IFAB (International Football Association Board). The FA also released a statement regarding the same.

"The FA has today announced that a different order of kicks for Kicks from the Penalty Mark (KFPM) will be trialled at Sunday's FA Community Shield supported by McDonald's - the first time the new format will be used competitively in the country.
"The new format will be used across all English Football League tournaments from this season but the first chance to see the system at work could now come this weekend at Wembley."

In case you didn't know...

Unlike other official matches, the Premier League's curtain-raiser will go into a shootout after 90 minutes and there will not be the standard two periods of extra-time. Teams will also be allowed to make more than three substitutions.

The 2017 FA Community Shield will be played between last season's Premier League champions (Chelsea) and FA Cup champions (Arsenal) and it will be dedicated to the victims of the Greenfell Tower tragedy that claimed 80 lives and injured a further 70 people.

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The heart of the matter

The proposed new system is already on trial in UEFA competitions and the FA decided to use the 'AB-BA' system in EFL competitions such as the League Cup (called the Carabao Cup this season).

The new system was suggested by IFAB whose research suggested that the current system gives the team kicking first an undue advantage as it places immense pressure on the team kicking second.

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Author's Take

Although the IFAB had come up with a number of recommendations that were shot down by critics, the penalty shootout system is an interesting concept that could ensure fairness and give both teams a chance at putting pressure on their opponents.

It is a system that has seen immense success in other sports such as tennis where players do not alternate on serve. After the first serve, each player gets two serves before his opponent gets another two serves and so on.

This not only restores parity but also brings another element of excitement to the game where the situation can be turned around in an instant.

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