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Cristiano Ronaldo: Top 3 revenge gestures

Venkat Harish
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Man of Revenge- Cristiano Ronaldo
Man of Revenge- Cristiano Ronaldo

The world's most active volcano is Mt. Etna in Italy. Football's most active volcano erupted again in Italy to send smokes around the whole world. Cristiano Ronaldo did a Champions League wonder yet again.

Ronaldo's eighth Champions League hattrick took Juventus to the quarterfinals. Atletico Madrid fans mocked him after the home side's 2-0 victory in the first leg in Madrid. Ronaldo, like many other occasions, mocked back with his performance.

Since his peak days at Manchester United, every time Ronaldo faced criticism, he answered them with some brilliant performances. Criticism has been his driving tool since his early days. He has been brutal to everyone who doubted him and gave the lessons which they will never forget in their life.

#3 Ronaldo hits back at Simeone, Champions league Ro16, 2019

Ronaldo returned to Madrid to face his old foes Athletico Madrid in the Champions League round of 16. Atletico Madrid have always been Cristiano's favorite prey. Ronaldo was expected to blow fire for Juventus, as he did multiple times for Real Madrid.

Unfortunately, Ronaldo had a bad day. Athletico beat Juventus 2-0. Simeone made some weird pose to the fans after his side's goal against Juventus. Ronaldo mocked at Madrid fans for not winning a single Champions League. 

Juventus v Club de Atletico Madrid - UEFA Champions League Round of 16: Second Leg
Juventus v Club de Atletico Madrid - UEFA Champions League Round of 16: Second Leg

No one in Madrid expected Ronaldo to hit them back at Turin. He scored his first Juventus hattrick to take Juventus to quarterfinals of Champions league 3-2 on aggregate. He imitated Simeone's pose after scoring one of his goals.

Atletico Madrid's Champions League dream was shattered by another Ronaldo-inspired side. The latest defeat will surely make the Atletico Madrid fans silent the next time they come up against this great man.

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