Dear Ole: An open letter to Solskjaer from a Manchester United fan

Ole brought the smiles back to Manchester United
Ole brought the smiles back to Manchester United

Dear Ole,

I understand that things did not turn out well in midweek. This was not how you imagined your first European night at Old Trafford as the manager of Manchester United to be. It was not what we, the fans, had expected either.

Your arrival has been like a breath of fresh air to the millions of us all around the world. Right from the moment your appointment was announced, it felt like a sign that things would be better. Your first interview renewed our belief and instilled a sense of optimism in us.

After a long dark night, it felt like the first glimmer of dawn, like someone had opened up the windows and let all the fresh air in. As you rocketed off to a brilliant start against Cardiff, we celebrated all night long. You gave us a cause to celebrate.

Since then, life has been good for Manchester United fans all over the globe. We marched through the rubble of our opponents, regaining our old swagger. Our wounds had begun healing, the cracks were mending and the scars had disappeared. Before your arrival, we were down, defeated, downcast, with our dreams scattered on the floor and you, Sir, mended our broken hearts, pulled us up and put a smile on our faces.

So when PSG came to town, we lifted our heads up and aimed for the skies. We dared to dream again. And the beauty of having something to dream about, together, is that when we succeed, we do so together. And when we stumble and fall, we fall together too. So our faces smash into the walls with the same intensity and it pretty much hurt the same, even though I doubt anyone in the world felt as dejected as you on the night.

Yet, dreams never die. No matter how hard life hits you, when you have a dream strong enough, you don't give up. And your arrival, Ole, has helped us dream again. You gave us that ray of hope to clinch on to and now, we refuse to let go.

So let us no longer dwell on the sadness of a single night. Let us not fret on the disappointment of your first defeat. No, let us march on, Ole, on to Stamford Bridge in the FA Cup. Let us clench our fists when Liverpool visit the following weekend.

Tuesday night was long, but so is the season. And when you arrive at Paris in early March, know that you are not alone and fight without fear. Because from now until the end of the season and into the ages beyond, our hearts beat for you. Go climb that mountain, Ole, we are all with you.

"Yeah, but Mountains are there to be climbed, aren't they?"

Sincerely Yours,

A Manchester United Fan.

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