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Do we really need God?

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MANCHESTER, ENGLAND – NOVEMBER 28: Sir Alex Ferguson manager of Manchester United applauds the crowd after the Barclays Premier League match between Manchester United and West Ham United at Old Trafford on November 28, 2012 in Manchester, England.

First of all what is God? The Dictionary on my cell phone says:

“The supreme or ultimate reality”

Well, I don’t really care if the hypothetical creature ‘GOD’ is really supreme or what atheistic human beings believe! And I think any other person needs to believe in God and especially not when you are a Manchester United supporter. Seriously, for me ‘God’ is a device or a ‘hypothetical creation’ which Homo sapiens have been using for ages to console themselves!

Anyway, I am an atheist and don’t believe in God and I’m quite so sure that every Manchester United player or staff person is not an atheist, but what I feel is that the entirety of Manchester United is enough for even an atheist to think twice about the existence of God. Yeah, I’m going to talk about the infamous and tragic incidence of the plane crash in Munich, which almost ruined (or at least tried to!) the club called M.U.F.C. but the plane crash was an incident too small to harm a club having the D.N.A. consisting of ‘never say die’ attitude.

I do believe that Manchester United Football Club was one which didn’t believe in the existence of God. Had it been the case then they might have surely waited for the ‘almighty’ and ‘the supreme power’ to wave his magic wand over their stadium so that they would’ve been blessed with strength enough to escape the problem they were facing then! But M.U.F.C. is/was a child-like club now/then with a child-like Scottish manager called Sir Matt Busby (Sir Alex now!) who refused to accept the wish of the ‘almighty’ according to whom the club was not long-lived.

But it was hard to for the ‘almighty’ to refuse the wish of Sir Matt Busby, just like it’s hard for parents to refuse the wishes of their kids.  Just like it’s hard for a boy to accept that his crush loves someone else.

But it must be appreciated that God hasn’t really given up in his fight against M.U.F.C. since then! He has used almost all his tricks and troops to stop the unstoppable! First, the air crash, then he tried to challenge United via Liverpool, Blackburn Rovers, Newcastle United, Arsenal (the toughest amongst his soldiers), Chelsea and recently Manchester City.

But will it affect us? No. Why would it? When we are unmoved by an air crash then why shall we care about this?

By writing this article I don’t meant to hurt anyone’s feelings. All you need to succeed in life is to believe in yourself rather than God or a billionaire owner for your favourite team or praying to God for him to send one for your club as it won’t matter much if your team is going to face Manchester United.


The current league table says we’re on top and that’s the way it should be! We’ve won it 19 times, more than anyone else. We’ve locked out Liverpool for  around 20 years, we’ve seen off interest from Arsenal and money-backed Chelsea we’re a team in transition from 2003-2006 and then we won it consecutively for the next three seasons

It’s true that we’ve lost two league titles in the last three years from two money-backed sides by a mere point and that’s what is called sheer competitiveness!

And that too without the help of God.

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