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FIFA 14: Best BPL Team

  • Here, we will take a look at the potentially best BPL team that Fifa 14 gamers can conjure. The Barclays Premier League has been a widely followed lea ...
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Here, we will take a look at the potentially best BPL team that Fifa 14 gamers can conjure. The Barclays Premier League has been a widely followed league around the globe and its popularity continues in the gaming circuit with this game. Gamers have been at their wit’s end for setting the right tactic and buying the right players for the formation. Some even believe that the ratings given to these players undermine their capability in the game. Considering all these aspects, let’ go through the potentially best team that FIFA 14 gamers can have, constituting players from the Barclays Premier League.

Tactic – Quick Counter

Formation - 442

In this tactic, two wingers who will act as inside forwards, i.e. they will create chances for others as well as cut inside and score themselves. In the middle, there is a central playmaker and a defensive midfielder. In the final third, there is a target man who has good strength to hold up the play and good teamwork to blend with the team, creating more goal-scoring opportunities. Also, sitting just behind the striker is a centre forward who will act as the main goal scoring machine with primary skills of pace, finishing and teamwork. The backline is a traditional 4 with two centre backs and two full backs, the latter being entrusted with the role of supporting the attacks rather than scoring goals themselves.


GK: Petr Cech (Chelsea)

The tall and dominating Czech is always a safe bet between the posts. Having a rating of 85 at the age of 32 and increasing it to 87 in the next year, when players are supposed to see a downfall in ratings, is something to feel awed about. Usually keepers like Manuel Neuer and Gianluigi Buffon are beaten a lot in one-on-one situations but Czech appears to be a specialist in reflex saves in the game. A must-buy for any team.

Petr Cech

LB Ashley Cole (Chelsea)

Undisputably the best left-back in recent years, the Englishman has been a key figure in Chelsea’s plans over the years but has faded away after the arrival of Cesar Azpilicueta. But virtually, he has continued his legacy by having some amazing crossing skills and defensive skills, along with an overall rating of 85. A truly remarkable player in FIFA 14.

Ashley Cole

CB: David Luiz (Chelsea)

He may not be a regular player for the Blues in reality, but he’s a defensive monster in the virtual world. The curly-haired Brazilian has amazing strength to hold off forwards and has an uncanny ability in set-piece situations. Also, he can spray the ball up front to the attackers from time to time for goal-scoring opportunities. He can also play in the defensive midfield position if the manager is short of players in that position.

David Luiz

CB: Vincent Kompany (Manchester City)

The Belgian centre-back has been an influential captain for Manchester City in their dual English Premier League triumphs. And he continues his influence in the virtual world with an overall rating of 86. Some amazing defensive skills and stupendous strength has plummetted him to the list of the best centre-backs in the game. He is also useful in set-piece situations due to his impressive heading abiity.

Vincent Kompany

RB: Branislav Ivanovic (Chelsea)

A beast of a defender in his position, Ivanovic rarely proves that he is a 30-yeard old as he is instrumental in providing pin-point crosses in the box and also running riot in the opposition area with his off-the-ball movement. Also, his aggression helps him in defending well in the game as he has the strength to overpower his opponents and execute well-time tackles.

Branislav Ivanovic

LW: Eden Hazard (Chelsea)

The Belgium stalwart is indeed a “hazardous” player for the opposition as he dances around defenders with an ease similar to taking a walk in the park. His passing skills and ball control are a joy to watch. He can even crack a shot or two from long distances or even cut inside to score some amazing goals with his finishing ability. A potential rating of 94 in the game just after three seasons, Hazard is yet another key bargain buy (25 million) in the beginning of a game considering his indomitable ability.

Eden Hazard

RW: Adam Lallana (Southampton)

His dribbling skills and his vision to pick out a pass are exactly what makes him a perfect inside forward for the team. His ratings are not how he plays generally and many gamers have argued about the fact that his overall rating should be 82 and not just 78. Whatever team he plays for, he will stay loyal to the team regardless of what rumors surround him. Just an added advantage for the player which further stamps his importance in any team.

Adam Lallana

CM: Jack Wilshere (Arsenal)

In such a tactic which mainly employs short-passing, Jack Wilshere is a perfect choice for a playmaker as he can combine with his teammates to create some brilliant opportunities using his high vision skills. Also, his strength to hold off defenders while surging forward is a bonus for any team. His inspired ball control doesn’t allow defenders to steal it away from him easily. With a potential rating of 89 after a few seasons, this is another important purchase for your team.

Jack Wilshere

DM: Yaya Toure (Manchester City)

The Ivory Coast international has been greatly influential in providing Manchester City with the title this season and he becomes the same in the game with his leadership abilities. Being the captain of his side, he can inspire players to work better as a team which is seen in the game. Also, his forward surges with the ball and his off-the-ball movement make him a Lampard-like midfielder while attacking. While defending, he’s a rock in the midfield. An intuitive signing.

Yaya Toure

CF: Luis Suarez (Liverpool)

The 27 year old Uruguayan has netted 82 goals in 133 appearances for the Reds in the real world and he continues in the same vein in the virtual world. Having brilliant dribbling skills, Suarez can weave through defenders with ease. He can also create opportunities for his team with decent teamwork skills. Also, he is an extremely loyal player so a club won’t have to worry about him being affected by transfer rumors.

fifa 14 best bpl team

ST: Emmanuel Adebayor (Tottenham)

This may be a questionable decision to many people but Adebayor is perfect in the role of target man as his teammates will look to find him, before he uses his strength to hold up the ball and then delivering it to the support that he gets. He won’t look to score himself so a sacrifice on pace is acceptable but he makes up with his finesse shots from long range. With inside forwards of the quality of Hazard and Lallana, who can run into channels, Adebayor is a perfect pick for such a team and can be bought at a decent price too.

fifa 14 best bpl team
Emmanuel Adebayor
Published 19 Jun 2014, 14:16 IST
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