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FIFA 18: How to play Sarri-ball with Chelsea

6.05K   //    11 Sep 2018, 01:47 IST

Chelsea's Fifa 18 Play style.

Chelsea's Fifa 18 Play style.

With Sarri-ball coming to Chelsea, it has been an excellent campaign so far for the whole squad. Although they hit a bump against Manchester City in the FA Community Shield, they have been undefeated in the Premier League 2018/19. They could've been table toppers, but they conceded one more than Liverpool, and sit at the 2nd position of the table.

Here is how to play Sarri-ball in FIFA 18 with Chelsea.

The Formation ;

Available Formations for Sarri Ball.

Available Formations for the Sarri Ball.

The most accurate formation I found to play as Maurizio Sarri's Chelsea was the 4-3-3 Flat. Apart from the 4-3-3 Flat, one could use the 4-3-3's second variation, which is consists of 1 CDM.

Instructions for players:-


David Luiz:- Stay Back while attacking / Aggressive Interceptions.

Antonio Rudiger:- Stay Back while attacking / Aggressive Interceptions.

Cesar Azpilicueta:- Balanced Attack / Balanced Interceptions.

Marcos Alonso:- Always Overlap / Balanced Interceptions.


Jorginho (CDM):- Cut Passing Lanes / Stay Back on Attacking / Balanced Interceptions.

Kante (CM/CDM):- Cut Passing Lanes / Balanced / Balanced Interceptions.

Kovacic / Barkley:- Get Forward / Get Into the Box for Crosses / Aggressive Interceptions / Free roam.


Willian:- Balanced / Cut Inside / Come Short / Support on crosses:Balanced / Aggressive Interceptions.

Alvaro Morata:- Drift Wide / Target Man / Aggressive Interceptions / Cut Passing Lanes.

Eden Hazard:- Balanced / Stay Wide / Get in Behind / Support on crosses: Get into the box / Normal Interceptions.

Custom Tactic:-

Custom Sarri Ball tactics

Custom Sarri Ball tactics

Tactics Explained:-

Build Up Play:-

Speed:- 35 [ It is the speed at which the attacks are put together to create more scoring opportunities. ]

Passing:- 10 [ This is the support you get from your teammates and the passing distance between your teammates during the build-up ]

Positioning:- Organized [ The movement of the team ]

Chance Creation:-

Passing:- 25 [ Amount of Risk in and Pass Decision. ]

Crossing:- 20 [ The frequency of crosses in the box. ]

Shooting:- 30 [ The frequency of shots taken. ]

Positioning:- Organised.


Pressure:- 90 [ How much up the pitch the team starts pressing ]

Aggression:- 65 [ Team's approach to the ball processor ]

Team width:- 20 [ How much team shifts to the side ]

Defender Line:- Offside Trap [ With defenders pressing high, this will help you most of the time, in case a pacy forward tries to make a run behind the defenders ]

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