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How Diego Costa inspired me to believe in myself

Diego Costa the criminal
In-form or out of form, Diego Costa always made his presence felt.
Vivek Joshi
Modified 28 Sep 2017, 18:41 IST

I have been reading a lot about Diego Costa since he came out claiming that Antonio Conte sent him a message which said his services are no longer required at Chelsea Football Club.

And since then he has managed to grab the headlines the same way he did when he was on the pitch. The only difference is, this time he was playing off the pitch. But it was still a typical Diego Costa performance.

So what actually is a Diego Costa performance?

For everyone who hasn't seen him, I want to ask you to not judge him by seeing the videos or what your football fan friend has to say. To describe Diego is not at all difficult. It's easy. Watch him play the game live. And keep in mind, don't compare him to the likes of Ronaldo, Messi, Raul, Aguero or put him in the same category as Cantona, Nistelrooy or Zlatan.

Costa is of a different breed. He's one of those who lives in the moment. He's the one who'll find the weak hole in your resolute and otherwise strong mind, and make you pay for it. So it's not criminal to say he is one of those strikers who don't make the defenders weak in their knees for he's the one who makes them weak in their hearts and minds.

As long as he is on the pitch, you have to expect the unexpected, be it a one-touch pass or a quick sprint while troubling the defence or picking up a fight with anyone he wants. He is not your usual macho man. A funny and charming personality on and off the pitch, he always managed to bring a smile to your face.

Keep smiling while you're grinding. Worrying never makes the struggle easy it only makes it worse. Smile through the tears, smile through the joys. Keep smiling. Keep it simple.

The die-hard football fans who worship the game for the art it really is, Diego Costa wasn't born to fit into this mould. He wouldn't do anything to make it more beautiful but he would make it dirtier than you'll ever think. 

But that's who he is. He is not here to make everyone happy, he's here to win. Every time he steps on the pitch he wants to leave an impact, he wants to win at any cost. It's difficult to beat someone who never gives up. And he never gave up even after being axed from the Chelsea Team.

No matter what anyone says or thinks about you, at the end of the day all that matters is how you look yourself in the mirror. To be able to make an eye contact with that mirror without a regret or doubt, should be your aim. Be true to who you're. Embracing yourself is the key.


The point is nobody is the villain here. Antonio Conte stood for his vision as the coach while Costa stood for himself and his beliefs. Whether it's Athletico or Chelsea, Madrid or London, Diego Costa will make a name for himself wherever he goes and plays.

He'll not be remembered for his goals or for his trophies or how he managed to get into the minds of the opposition to create opportunities. He'll only be remembered for his antics on the pitch, for the memories he created with the fans and in the dressing room with his mates.

"I have a go at the defenders and they have a go at me. We argue. Whatever happens on the pitch stays on the pitch. After the game, I shake hands with the defender. Job done. I go home, he goes home. We're all mates. It's all good. That's how I see football. That's how I play football. I am not going to change it." - Diego Costa

Diego Costa is a fighter. He's a warrior. His loyalty and his passion can never be underestimated or questioned. To go to war for 90 mins, you need a Ronaldo to score, a Messi to be wreak havoc, a Terry to defend but a Costa to instil the fear in opponents and to keep them on their toes every second of the match. 

Do what you love and love what you do. No matter what the rules are, define success on your own terms. Stand by your words. Be willing to back them by your actions.

The article may stimulate criticism for putting Costa with the likes of Ronaldo and Messi, but ask any Chelsea fan and supporter, Diego gave them moments of joy and sheer happiness just like Ronaldo and Messi deliver it to their army. The happiness of seeing his name on the team sheet gave the fans a ray of hope and dismissed all the fears the opposition had created.

Do something for others. Not for personal satisfaction, or for reward or as a duty. Do it for others without a thought of getting anything back in return. Your purpose is to spread happiness through your work. Bring people closer, by doing what you do, by your craft.

Wherever you go Diego, you'll always be in our hearts. Just like your new mate Fernando Torres, you'll be loved and remembered and missed for the time you spent at Chelsea. You'll be loved and remembered for how proudly you adorned the blue jersey and how passionately you kissed the badge.

All the best, warrior.

Keep fighting and keep inspiring.

Published 28 Sep 2017, 18:41 IST
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