Video: Hull City's Ahmed El Mohamady attempts to recreate the 'hand of god' against Newcastle United

Suromitro Basu
Another ‘hand of god’ attempt?

The on-going Newcastle United and Hull City game saw one of the most audacious handball attempts, that you will ever see. Hull winger Ahmed El Mohamady was the guilty party in this case.

It seemed like a repeat attempt to Diego Maradona’s ‘hand of god’. As the ball wass knocked in from the right hand side, El Mohamady jumped highest or so it seemed.

On closer inspection, it was evident that the arm was clearly above the head. The most shocking part about the incident was Mohamady’s celebration, he was adamant that the ball didn’t touch his hand.

Referee, Phil Dowd had originally missed the incident, but on conferring with assistant referee, Darren Cann. An excellent spot, but in all honesty, it will go down in history as one of the worst handball’s ever attempted.


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