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The internet photoshops Louis van Gaal's infamous dive against Arsenal

6.44K   //    29 Feb 2016, 16:55 IST
Louis van Gaal's glorious moment in the spotlight

Louis van Gaal's Manchester United beat Arsenal at Old Trafford thanks to goals from Premier League debutant Marcus Rushford and Spaniard Ander Herrera yet the spotlight fell on Manchester United's pretty-dramatic manager, Louis van Gaal.

During the game in the second half, Van Gaal – who is known to only sit on his chair and not interfere and yell at his players from the sideline – ran down the stairs as is the case with the managers' box at Old Trafford, approached Mike Dean, the fourth referee, and did what many could call 'an Ashley Young'

The conversation with Dean is yet to be lip-read by the reporters at The Mirror and thus is still unknown but shortly after appraching the referee, the Dutchman yells something in his direction and takes a tumble as if he were replicating what one of the opposition players did. Dean was not amused. Neither was Arsene Wenger. 

Nonetheless, the internet – the beautiful beings of the internet – reacted in a kind of way only the internet would filling millions of servers across the globe with millions of graphically-inserted impressions of Louis van Gaal on the floor. Enjoy. 

Louis van Gaal partaking in a little parkour.
Draw me like one of your Louis van Gaals
Pulp Fiction starring Uma Thurman and Louis van Gaal
Louis van Gaal celebrating a glorious FIFA World Cup win at Old Trafford
A 6-foot tall Louis van Gaal was recently snapped near Australia
The Sistine chapel has some incredible frescos
Reservoir Dogs wouldn't be complete without the immaculate acting of Louis van Gaal
Gaalivar's travels 
Louis van Gaal finally starts using that gym membership
"That was close","Great running by Louis van Gaal"
Fifty shades of Gaal
Ali vs Gaal
Louis van Gaal trying to hail a cab...
Louis van Gaal blowing away audiences with Riverdance
No words for this one.
Dhan dhan dhan dhan dhan dhan dhan dhan dhan...."Aaaaaaarrrrgggghhh!"
Giggsy given good ol' Louis a shower
Redefining Manchester United's logo
Oh Zidane, of al people.
Kim's got Louis. The fluffy dolls at the back also seem to be enjoying it.

(we seriously recommend you go through the whole thread)

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