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Liverpool 0-0 Manchester City: 4 men who dominated the game for the Reds

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08 Oct 2018, 00:28 IST

#3 Alisson Becker

SSC Napoli v Liverpool - UEFA Champions League Group C
SSC Napoli v Liverpool - UEFA Champions League Group C

The Brazilian had a quiet first half and was hardly put under pressure at all. In the second half, Mahrez was the first to cause him a few concerns when the Algerian got the better of Robertson in the 60th minute and hit a low shot across the Liverpool goal.

Alisson did look like he had his goal covered, but it was the first warning sign for him. Two minutes later, the Algerian found himself in space again, but the ball was hit with his right leg this time, which meant that Alisson had a simple save to make.

When he was not on the pressure in goal, Alisson tried to find his attacking players with long balls. He initiated a fantastic Liverpool attack in the 70th minute, releasing Robertson quickly to catch City off guard, and Robertson almost set up Salah with a gorgeous ball.

However, in the 76th minute, Alisson had to be at his full concentration as City came calling again. He first palmed away Bernando Silva’s cross, only to clear it as far as Riyad Mahrez. The Algerian unleashed a low, powerful shot at goal, but Alisson was down quickly, making his best save of the game and keeping City at bay yet again.

Whether he was instrumental in causing Mahrez to shoot the penalty into the stands might never be known, but Alisson Becker earned a clean sheet, managing a good save at a crucial time in the game and he certainly did his bit to help Liverpool stay at the top of the table.

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