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Is Manchester City paying £50 million plus for Kevin de Bruyne justifiable?

830   //    06 Aug 2015, 15:23 IST
In demand: Kevin de Bruyne

For some unknown reason, everyone seem to submerge their head deep thinking about the high price-tag labelled on the talented VLF Wolfsburg midfielder, Kevin de Bruyne. There’s a difference between dogmatism and reality.

Manchester City have already paid £49 million for the services of Raheem Sterling, as he contributes to the 'home grown' criteria. And I think paying a similar amount of money for the player who broke all Bundesliga assist-records is more justifiable in economic terms.

He was the Bundesliga Player of the Year, which in itself adds to his value by, give or take, £10 million. So, Wolfsburg demanding double plus a handsome sum for their prized asset - whom they purchased for £18m only last year – doesn't seem too bad a deal in their eyes.

If City somehow were to neglect this and drop the player from their potential transfer list, they do not have a similar substitute to go about chasing. The other potential targets who could fill similar boots would be Gareth Bale, Isco or Marco Reus. With the former two very unlikely to leave Real Madrid any time soon. 

Bale as per Fiorentino Perez’s statement is “not for sale”, and Isco plays a very vital role whenever any of the other Madrid stars are injured. That leaves Reus as the only option; but he is adamant on not leaving Borussia Dortmund anytime soon, having shown 100% commitment in pre-season to stay there and win back a Champion’s League spot for Dortmund next year.

As there's a lack of supply and a high demand, paying £50m for a player of de Bruyne's calibre is not a reason as to “Why?” but rather “Why not?” 

Having said all that, Kevin will surely add a spark that's missing in the current City lineup apart from the electric Sergio Aguero and Sterling. A solid defence will also go a long way in increasing their chances of achieving something great in both the domestic and European level.

For a team of City’s calibre, they have to sign a few players worthy of their ambitions and there're none in the market right now more talented than the Belgian. Having missed out on the likes of Bale and Eden Hazard in recent seasons, City will surely not leave anything to chance, even if it means they're to pay an obscene amount to do so.

Let's hope he's worth all that money and let's hope Chelsea realise what a horrific blunder they've committed.

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