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Manchester United: Two players signed, more to follow?

Nick Powell

2 down, more to follow?

Last night, Manchester United announced the signing of 18 year old forward Nick Powell. Not long ago, they also announced the signing of 23 year old Shinji Kagawa. Considering the age of both these players, they are quite remarkable signings. This would add the much needed creativity and spark in United’s midfield. Rival clubs such as Arsenal and Chelsea have already made remarkable signings themselves, and so will Manchester City. Chelsea and Manchester City have endless money. Chelsea have the Champions League trophy to show-off and attract players while Manchester City have the Premier League title. Comparatively, United finished trophy-less this season, apart from the early season victory in the FA Community Shield. You’d expect players to join Chelsea or City rather than United. But United have their vast history and experience to show off themselves, something that Chelsea or City could only achieve after a decade or two. And unlike Liverpool, who have a great history, but no present, Manchester United have a great squad and the will to challenge for every competition on earth.

No offence to to Chelsea, City or Liverpool, but United will always have something that these clubs can never have. This would have certainly played on the minds of Kagawa and Powell before joining United. Sure, Hazard chose to join Chelsea instead of United. But he is obviously a mercenary who doesn’t stick to his words. Remember, he said that he would be going to Manchester? Where did he end up? In London, with Chelsea. His wage demands were so high, that even the endless wealth of City dried up. Plus, Chelsea obviously had many more Belgians in their squad than United or City.

But the real question is, can United continue to sign more players this summer? The transfer season hasn’t even started yet, so they do have ample time remaining.

I have never doubted United over their financial capability because they make the largest profit among all English clubs, despite their early exits from all cup competitions last year. The Glazers are most likely to put a part of the club up for flotation in the Singapore stock market. Not only would this wipe out the debt that United carry, this would provide them with endless funds for the transfer market. They could earn up to $1 billion with the flotation.Shinji Kagawa

Their targets include Luka Modric, Kevin Strootman, Leighton Baines and Robert Lewandowski. Of these, I think United would pay most attention to Luka Modric and Leighton Baines. Kevin Strootman is a must buy for United because he is a defensive-minded midfielder, which United could definitely find handy. But United haven’t shown any serious interest in him and if they do, he could be on the cheaper side. He has been compared to Roy Keane recently and plays a similar kind of role in midfield. Leighton Baines is most probably going to end up at United, i.e., if his club agree to sell him for around 15 million. But rumors are spreading around that Everton manager David Moyes could quit his job of the Everton board decides to cash in on Leighton Baines. This could set United up for a long transfer saga over the summer. Luka Modric is a great buy, but considering his price for his age, United may once again be forced to NOT buy Modric, just like last summer. Also, PSG have shown interest in him recently. PSG are backed by Qatari owners (filthy rich owners). Modric is definitely going to leave Tottenham. He has made no secret of his desire to play Champions League football. Signing Robert Lewandowski is a no-brainer for me. He is an excellent player and is better than United’s Danny Welbeck and Javier Hernandez. But considering the number of strikers United have, there’s no way they could be serious in buying Lewandowski. Yes, they are probably looking for someone to replace Berbatov. But do they want the Bundesliga Player of the Season to play a reserve striker role at United? Or do they want to play him in the first team, thereby stunting the development of young Danny Welbeck, at the same time making Hernandez a reserve striker?

Through the summer, various rumours will be out on papers about players being linked with a move to United. But can United buy these players? Do they still have the capability to attract players and make a marquee signing to silence their critics?

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