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Premier League 2018/19: Ranking the top 5 'Midfielder Trios' 

Ninad Singh
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15.13K   //    29 Aug 2018, 22:57 IST

Which midfield trio carries the magic?

A strong engine has got the gears propelling, and these gears of football are nothing but a combination of three midfielders from each and every team that put forward a show that we can never resist.

A strong midfield trio can always get the game in their hands, be it in terms of possession, or be developing the most versatile tactics the sport has ever seen. Midfield is where it starts and where it truly ends.

These 5 'Midfield Trios' are the reason why their teams enjoy the ongoing success runs. They fuel the attacking lineup with through balls, empty spaces, unparallel opportunities and making judgments that most players can't. Find out who they truly are, as we rank the top 5 midfield trios of the ongoing Premier League Season.

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