Premier League 2018/19: Top 5 picks for the Manager of the Month award for August


The first month of this season is about to be concluded, nevertheless, it's these experienced lads who are the minds behind their team's success. We have seen every aspect of tactical changes, squad rotations and have experienced the most arithmetically deployed game plans put forward by these exceptionally gifted managers.

This weekend, however, could decide the fate of these 5 'Gurus', rounding it all up, here are the top 5 possible candidates to be the recipients of the Barclay's 'Manager of the Month' award.

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#5 Josep 'Pep' Guardiola - Manchester City

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Former Bayern Munich manager has been the reason for Manchester City's success

Arguably one of the most accomplished managers of the current Premier League season, the former FC Barcelona midfielder is known to adapt and overcome any sort of hurdles that the opposition has to offer. Known for having alternatives and options in all types of game formats, this Spaniard's tactical alignments have led Manchester City to the last year's Premier League title.

Possibilities are that he could do it all over again, the former Barcelona manager has been on a roll since the beginning of this season,From signing Riyad Mahrez to applying the theory of playing two strikers up front, resurrecting one of Premier League's most decorated strikers, Sergio Aguero and deploying Ilkay Gundogan in place of an injured Kevin De Brunye, the 'smart one' is surely the gamble that can lead Manchester City to a Champions League title. With a long season up ahead, and Manchester City looking better than ever, Pep truly is a mastermind behind their ongoing run, and hence is a candidate for the 'Manager of the Month' award.

#4 Javi Garcia - Watford

The 'chosen one' is making a difference to his current legion.

Following the dismissal of Marco Silva back in January, the Spanish veteran was quite the shocker for the Hornets, as he took the mantle for one of the oldest clubs in the League. However, things have been different for Watford since then. It was as if this heavily experienced football player took an oath to re-energize the current Watford lineup. This season's remarkable run for Watford isn't just the unusual 4-2-2-2 formation laid by this tactician, but also the various ranks appointed to his players in a far more intelligent and aggressive manner. The former Rubin Kazan coach now plays an 'attack from the defence' style of football; something inspired from the likes of Real Madrid and Borussia Dortmund.

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No matter the tactics, he surely knows to apply pressure from the midfield, with the likes of Roberto Pereyra, Will Hughes and an underestimated Troy Deeney playing an unimaginable link of football, that not only the Watford supporters but the world has ever seen, the Hornets now enjoy a 100% win record of 3 wins. However, this Sunday, matters could be different for the Spaniard, as he takes on a much tougher Tottenham Hotspur side. Only the time can tell if he can make it to another victory, and if he does, he will surely be the Manager of the Month!

#3 Mauricio Pochettino- Tottenham Hotspurs

The Spurs are confident, as he is the reason.

Even though the 'A system of no trophies' is what this former Argentine International is labelled with, Pochettino is eventually a manager who has drawn attractions from not only Real Madrid but Paris Saint Germain and Barcelona to assume the mantle of the manager. This season, the Spurs head coach has been on the run, completing 3 successful matches, the recent one against Manchester United, making his squad of 'starlings' play the kind of football that nobody can predict. From Kane being the target man to Delle Alli and Christian Eriksen being the playmakers, the former Southampton coach simply knows what his job is all about. Winning matches and producing world-class players, Mauricio Pochettino is a marvel, a gem and a trump card for the current Tottenham Hotspur lineup.

His trophy cabinet may not be full, but that does not contradict the fact that he is not only one of the best managers in the league but also in the world. This season, the Spurs look more resilient than ever, as they face a much competitive Watford side on Sunday; Be the cards in his pocket, he can truly be called the most consistent manager of this month!

#2 Maurizio Sarri - Chelsea

The Chel
The Chelsea 'Lanista' is enjoying his run

'Sarriball' was a term engraved for the style of possession football that this former Napoli coach reflected in his doings. The current Chelsea manager has made the kind of changes in the Chelsea lineup that even Antonio Conte couldn't have thought of. By producing one of the most efficient midfield mechanics, obliterating the opposition defence with his 'width based' attacking lineup, and combine aerial plays with ground passes, the Italian made sure that he grabbed those 9 points in the month of August, replaying the artistries of his Napoli days.

Maurizio Sarri has given a chance to every single person on the Chelsea bench to go out there and make a point, adding consistency and encouragement in the minds of the players. The experience of managing 18 different teams over the course of nearly 28 years has made him prominent, that a team like Chelsea is all that he needed. All for the sayings, it can be now confirmed that he is here to stay at the Stamford Bridge! However, a long season of both Premier League and Europa league up ahead, his real test is about to happen; but as this month closes, he is the true contender for his performance as a manager

#1 Jurgen Klopp - Liverpool

The 'funny man' looks forward to being the 'Manager of the Month'

Last but not the least, a man who has a plan for everything that he does, Klopp has evolved Liverpool into a new era of pacy, counter-attacking, 'Rock and Roll' style of football, delivering the likes of Roberto Firmino, Sadio Mane and of course, Mohammed Salah. The former Borussia Dortmund manager has had his shares of success in every means this season. Making Sadio Mane the centrepiece of his attacking lineup and Salah the apparent playmaker, the 'German Genius' tops the Premier League table without a shadow of a doubt. Klopp has revolutionised the style of football at the Anfield, as he plans to do so against a very succulent Leicester City this weekend.

After his performances this month, he now looks forward to wrapping it with another easy victory, making him the top contender for the manager of the month, the question being: will he?

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