The best-looking football managers in the world- Part One

Modified 20 Jan 2013
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A guy in football management happens to posses a few qualities. Knowledge of the game, passion, tactical astuteness, sturdy man- management skills are some of them. Good looks, not necessarily. So here I am, enlisting the men who can charm the feet off any woman with their smashing looks, the men who have managed to dump the old, uninspiring track pants for crisp, well fitted suits. Safe to say, their distinguishing management ability isn’t the only striking feature that one perceives when they are on the sidelines. Here goes:

1. Andre Villas- Boas

Aston Villa v Tottenham Hotspur - Premier League

Very few people heard of this young Portuguese man who had taken the Europa League by storm with his distinct tactics at FC Porto when Chelsea announced the appointment of Villas-Boas as their manager in the summer of 2011. Undeniably, his rapid success wasn’t the only thing that caught one’s attention when the 35-year-old came into fray with his well- trimmed beard, tidily combed hair and beady eyes. The lesser said about his short stint at Chelsea, the better.

Employment status- Manager at Tottenham Hotspur since July, 2012.

Relationship status- Married to Joana Maria Noronha de Ornelas Teixeira since 2004.

2. Joachim Loew

Netherlands v Germany - Group B: UEFA EURO 2012

‘Jogi’, as he is fondly called in his homeland, changed the definition of German football with his influx of young blood into the team coalesced with a philosophy based on attacking play. Strikingly, he has also managed to gain a reputation of a demi ‘style- god’  with his awe-inspiring choice of black blazers, cardigans, v-neck vests, polos, scarves and what not. Safe to say, his tactics aren’t the only thing that people look forward to when the German team plays (cue: remarkable choice of clothes).

Employment status- Head Coach of the German National Football team since July 2006.

Relationship status- Married to Daniela Loew since 1986.

3. Vincenzo Montella

ACF Fiorentina v UC Sampdoria - Serie A

One of the most promising young coaches in Italy, he took the world by surprise when named the successor to Claudio Ranieri, a remarkable feat for a guy whose managerial credentials were limited to coaching an under- 15 team. Almost as impressive as his soaring reputation are his striking good looks. A sharp suit, a crisp white shirt, stunning Italian good looks and voila! Here’s a man who can give a fashion model a run for his money.

Employment status- Manager at Fiorentina since June, 2012.

Relationship status- Divorced Rita Montella in 2003, currently engaged to Rachel di Fiore.

4. Josep Guardiola

FIFA Ballon d

Safe to say, he and his all-conquering Barcelona side have been one of the best things to have happened to football over the past few decades. Young, successful, respected, thriving and debonair, all the qualities to define the ‘perfect man’. The fact that there isn’t a day that goes by without his future being under huge speculation as he enjoys his sabbatical should say enough about the guy’s credentials. If that doesn’t, he has already been voted the most desirable man in Spain.

Employment status- Jobless; but if the European dailies are to be believed, not for long.

Relationship status- Married to a certain Cristina Serra .

5. Andrea Stramaccioni

AC Milan v FC Internazionale Milano - Serie A

Well, as they say in football, if you’re good enough, you’re old enough. Andrea was one of those ‘prodigies’ without any prior experience in senior football management who caught the public eye when Inter sacked Claudio Ranieri in March 2012. Not only did he  undertake the rehabilitation job with an aplomb, he impressed with his suave good looks too. Dark coloured sharp suits, customary blue Inter shirts paired with skinny ties, well gelled hair, a tidy stubble and we have an ideal man for the list.

Employment status- Head coach at Internazionale since August, 2012.

Relationship status- Married to Dalila, we wish that we knew more.

You can read Part two here: The best-looking football managers in the world- Part Two

Published 12 Jan 2013
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