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The Premier League Is Never Even.

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Stamford_Bridge_-_West_Stand by Vespa125125CFC            Taken from Wikimedia Commons

“These things all even out over the course of a season.”

How often do we hear that? Each time there is a controversial or weak decision that the majority adjudge to be a little harsh. The most recent examples include Chelsea being awarded a late penalty, to steal a point and to take 2 points away from the ever improving West Brom; Wes Brown being sent off for a good tackle,  Wayne Rooney showing his petulant side, again; and Kevin Mirallas surviving a studs-on-knee challenge on Luis Suarez.

How can any commentator say that “These things all even out over the course of a season.” though? What proof, what quantifiable proof is there that poor decisions are compensated for, later in the season? I doubt that each week we have Chis Foy, Martin Atkinson, Michael Oliver et al getting together, reviewing decisions, checking the upcoming schedule to decide in which games they collectively will ‘make up’ for poor decisions.

But what if they did? What if they give West Brom a soft penalty during a 5-1 drubbing by Arsenal? Does that make up for it? Does the compensation mean that the penalty that was given against them is now awarded to them? Or are their opponents denied an undeniable penalty to make up for it? Will Sunderland be allowed to replay their game with all 11 men? Can Liverpool play the rest of the Merseyside derby from the point of that tackle, at 2-1 up?  Or was the failed sending off justified for the missed (during the game) bite by Suarez on Ivanovic last season? Will Wayne Rooney be sent off during warm ups for too many keep-ups?

How do you define the compensation an aggrieved team should get?

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