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Top 5 Dribblers Of All Time

Dribbling is the ability to go past opposition players with a quick change of direction, burst of pace or a neat trick. Many players have graced the game with their phenomenal dribbling skills. However when you talk about the best of all time, it’s a challenge in every aspect. Some players dribble past a defender and falter immediately at the next hurdle. Some dribble past many defenders and earn a strong name, only to never repeat it.

So here I will list out the top 5 dribblers of all time who have shocked the world with their skills and have been quite consistent.

5. Ronaldinho

AC Milan v Catania Calcio - Serie A

The Brazilian is known for his quick speed and lightning body movements. Playing for Brazil and Barcelona, he would go past several defenders quite consistently. His signature move, the elastico, was to push the ball sideways and within a second turn it the other way around. It was a treat for all the football spectators who saw this legendary man dribble past some great defenders and leave them puzzled.

4. George Best

Best Practising

The best player ever to play for Manchester United from Ireland was a genius in all regards. Who can forget his 6 goals in a match against Northampton? This man used his right foot and had great ball control. Some hailed him as the best player ever and some called him the best of his generation. This United legend surely is a deserving candidate for the number 4 spot.

3. Johan Cruyff

Running At Defenders

Hendrik Johannes Cruyff  is the best Dutch player of all time with massive amount of goals and individual awards attached to his credentials. He won the Ballon d’Or three times (1971, ’73, ’74) and was voted as the European Player of the Century in 1999. He had his own move, eventually named after him, the “Cruyff turn”. In this move, he would act like he is about to pass the ball to his teammate but would eventually drag the ball with his foot, turning 90 degrees and going past defenders.

2. Lionel Messi

FC Barcelona v Club Atletico de Madrid  - Liga BBVA

This man needs no introduction. The only player in the history of the game to have collected 4 Ballon d’Or awards. He creates new records and break his own records. He has established himself as the best player of the modern era and perhaps one of the best of all time. When you talk about his dribbling skills, this is his strength. He repeated Maradona’s World Cup ’86 display when he dribbled past 6 Getafe defenders and scored a monumental goal. This happened when he was only 18 years of age. Today, he has 22 hat-tricks and lots of other records. Some legends including Raul have said that the way he runs and dribbles is quite impossible to do. It’s his dribbling ability which has made him so successful in football.

1. Diego Maradona

Diego Maradona

Arguably the best footballer of all time, this magician from Argentina was often marked by 3 or 4 defenders during the game. He scored the goal of the century in the 1986 World Cup against England where he dribbled past 6 quality English defenders and later on said in an interview that nobody could have stopped him – not even Mike Tyson. Maradona led Argentina to World Cup glory in ’86 and also assisted his club sides – Boca Juniors, Napoli and Barcelona to many titles. People may argue on about the best player of all time but when it comes to dribbling ability- is there anyone better than this Argentine?

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