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Tottenham Transfer News: The Modric Saga snores on

838   //    10 Jul 2011, 19:46 IST

Afternoon all and apologies for the radio silence in the past few weeks,to cut a long story short work has been nothing short of a fucking nightmare recently and in spare moments I’ve tried to stay as far away from a PC as possible. Added to a general sense of disillusionment with Spurs and on a more macro scale the farce that the Beautiful Game has become, has meant I’ve given a wide berth to football over the summer.

Spurs’ summer has been dominated by a complete lack of transfer activity apart from a forty year old Yank and the twin burdens of the Olympic Stadium Saga and the tediousness of the Luka Modric non story.

Now it seems Luka has given an interview to a Croat newspaper

So what happened to the 40-minute get-together with the President of the Spurs?

‘I must first say that I am sincerely disappointed with the way President Levy did communicate with me. He was waiting for me [it was a ]cold [and] pretty arrogant performance has given me the knowledge that [he] really do not care what I [said] to him.  It was [the] kind of approach only further convinced that [I wasn't] wrong in the decision to change the environment.

[I reminded the] President of our gentlemen’s agreement of last summer when we were in Dubrovnik [and] agreed a contract extension with Tottenham. Then I talked openly with Levy that in perspective, if a concrete offer of a large team, then we will consider the offer and negotiate the best solution for all of us. The President then said “OK, we’ll sit and talk.” Now Levy to co-opt, do not want to talk to and he told me in a raunchy way that there is no chance for me to leave Tottenham …
What does this mean a raunchy way?

‘He threatened me, if you do not accept that his club’s stance, then they will send me on a bench or stand, and we talked about the option of other team Tottenham.
‘There is no doubt that Chelsea is interested in my transfer, after they sent a concrete offer from Tottenham which means that I want [to accept]. I know that the new Chelsea coach said he would like to see me in his team. Of course I am flattered [with]  interest in [me] this club that offers what all players dream, [which] is a fight for trophies on all fronts.

‘When [I]first [knew of ] Chelsea’s official offer, I felt that he came [the right] moment.  I talked a long time with his family and to the people whose opinions I hold, I thought, weighed, and finally realized that this [outcome] was best for me and the club.

What if Levy does not let go?

I have not thought about it at all because such a solution [is] definitely not good for anyone. Again, I have already told the President last summer that [should an ]offer as in the case of Chelsea [be made then both parties] should find an agreement on mutual satisfaction. So I hope that you will eventually understand the situation and that we will achieve harmony and disperse in an appropriate manner.

Now a couple of things stand out here from the alleged comments from little Luka. Firstly this gentleman’s agreement about a transfer to a larger club. Why wasn’t his agent smart enough then to get a get out clause

Secondly the only offer from the table is £22 Million from Chelsea.

First thing the offer isn’t good enough and its Chelsea, if he thinks the fourth biggest supported club in London are a big club then I’m the lovechild of Saddam Hussein and Mary Whitehouse.

I’m not sure about Levy’s “Raunchy Ways” though but if Eastern European men are similar to the birds who frequent the local pound a pint strip joints down Hackney Road, maybe he thought it the best way to get Luka’s attention.

On a more serious note, if this is true, quite frankly Luka is a wanker of the highest order. I can understand his frustrations with Levy’s stewardship, but just come out and request a transfer then, have some guts.
To be fair this isn’t about little Luka anymore, this is about Spurs’ future.

I’ll be frank if you’re reading this and you ain’t Spurs, quite frankly you are below me in the football supporting food chain.

Why, you may ask?

Well because we are Tottenham Fucking Hotspur, the Pride of All London. We are Capital Boys , the biggest supported team in the greatest city on the whole fucking planet.

That’s just the way things work in football, like it or lump it.

Therefore our needs are greater than yours.  There is no way our football club should be a feeder club, if Modric goes?
Who next? Bale, Sandro, VdV???

And there is no way we should sell to a pile of plastic shit like Chelsea with their five fans  and two years worth of dodgy Russian Oil Money backed history.

West Ham and Arsenal might be wankers but at least they are proper football clubs with tradition, not an artificial souless pile of dog turd like Chelsea.

If Modric kicks up a storm, stick him in the reserves and let him rot. Levy has been unequivocal in his statement.

We are Tottenham and we don’t bow down to anyone. Our fans deserve more than that and if Levy can’t deliver he has to go.

I don’t think I’ve ever been less interested in football than I am at the moment, what has our game become? Its now Champions League or bust it seems, where is the time for a team to build and challenge?

Football is dying in England, make no mistake about it. What is happening is unsustainable, you speak to any football fan the length and breadth of the country and there is just pure indifference to football, with the comedy duo of Chelsea and Man City being at the crux of it.

As much as I hate the Arsenal, I sympathise with them. If  part time footballer and full time Lesbian rights activist Samir Nasri thinks Man City are a bigger club than Arsenal then he’s a fucking idiot. Just be honest and admit you want to move for the money.

I admit I’m biased. I was born and bred in North London, crossing the river to the dirty South makes me physically sick.

London is the greatest place on the planet, North London is the best place in London, ergo we are the greatest fucking area on the planet and at the heart of this great place is football.

North London is one of the world’s great footballing heartlands. We have a passion for football here which outsiders can never possibly understand, we live and we breathe it. Our football clubs represent our home town, Tottenham the good and Arsenal the bad in my opinion but these are our clubs all the same.

What is happening now in football is killing a North Londoner’s love of the game and it can’t be allowed to continue.

Levy has three simple tasks if he want’s to stay in charge of Tottenham Hotspur :

1. Invest in the squad and bring the new strikers in that we so desperately need and we can move forward like a club of our stature deserves to

2. Deliver a new stadium in TOTTENHAM, not go after a pipe dream in Stratford.

3. Keep Modric, stand firm. Don’t let the plastic shit that is Chelsea bully you.

Its upto you to restore our faith and be proud of the football club that represents our area.

The People of North London demand it and expect it

This post was originally posted in my Spurs blog The Glory Game

A little bit about me. I'm born and bred in North London and work in Portfolio Management in an investment bank in London. I'm a Spurs season ticket holder, having been born minutes away from the ground and taken to my first game at White Hart Lane with my dad when I was seven. I have my own blog on Spurs and like to blog about mainly Spurs but sometimes on more general football issues as well
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