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UEFA Super Cup final: 3 battles to look forward to

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Published Aug 14, 2019
Aug 14, 2019 IST

2. Wijnaldum vs Jorginho

Georginio Wijnaldum is probably one of the most underrated footballers in the Premier League. Last season, Winjaldum was one of Liverpool's most influential players as he regularly chipped in with a goal or an assist at crucial junctures. Importantly, many of the goals he scored turned out to be deciding factors in the outcome of the match.

On the other hand, Jorginho has been judged harshly by the Premier League. Last season, he was often brushed aside as a one-dimensional player who could only play in one system. This argument was supported by statistics of goals scored and chances created. What went unnoticed though was the fact that Jorginho was the creator-in-chief behind many key chances created. It was to his misfortune that those chances could not be converted into goals due to the lackluster finishing abilities of the Chelsea forwards.

Manchester United v Chelsea FC - Premier League
Manchester United v Chelsea FC - Premier League

When these two go head-to-head the match, it will make for a great contest. Both players are key figures in their respective teams. Jorginho's passing is perhaps the most important factor behind the build-up play that Chelsea have tried to implement. Moreover, his partnership in the double pivot at the base of the midfield will be essential in linking the attack and defense.

As far as Liverpool are concerned, Wijnaldum's work-rate will be essential in moving the ball up the pitch. Things promise to get very interesting when these two go head to head as neither will allow the other to function freely.

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