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Undue fan pressure weighing down Bayern Munich

  • How uninformed fans are ruining the German champions with unreasonable expectations..
Modified 21 Dec 2019, 01:17 IST

Lucas Hernandez.
Lucas Hernandez.

In 2013, Bayern Munich were a club on top of the football world, having won the treble. This includes the German Bundesliga title, the UEFA Champions League as well as that of the German Cup.

Since then, the titles have not exactly dried up either. The team have won the following six Bundesliga crowns too, five of them completely unopposed. Only last season Borussia Dortmund managed to give them a race that lasted until the last round of the season.

Besides completely dominating the Bundesliga, the team won three German Cups after 2013 and stayed very competitive in the Champions League too. Despite these extraordinary successes, there is a very loud minority among the global group of Bayern fans, which is creating a negative atmosphere around the club due to the unrealistic expectations.

Fans piling on the pressure (via
Fans piling on the pressure (via

They claim that winning the Bundesliga is never enough. They demand that the team must also win at least the Champions League and on top of that, the German Cup year after year as well.

These unreasonable fans want the club to spend the same outlandish sums of money for new players that are the norm in the English Premier League, Spain's La Liga and among some of the top teams in the Italian Serie A.

They do not understand that a majority of these teams are privately owned by very wealthy individuals or corporations (or in some cases families), that have seemingly endless amounts of money to play with.

Different structure

Bayern, on the other hand, are owned collectively by its club members and run by a board of people who have its best interests at heart. It has become financially strong though decades of responsible financing more than anything else.

The demands from the outside have forced the board into some adventurism lately. They have spent €80 million on the signing of Atletico Madrid defender Lucas Hernandez among others, which is twice as much as they spent on players previously.


To top it all off, Hernandez has been prone to injury.

But the worst impact that that this pressure has had on the club is that it put huge expectations on coaches and has aided players in forcing out, first Carlo Ancelotti and now Niko Kovac.

Now that Kovac is gone, his interim successor, Hansi Flick has come under fire after losing two matches (before which he had won the previous four!)

The only perverse hope is that with the current problems that the team is having as the 7th placed team in the Bundesliga, such uninformed fans will become uninterested in Bayern.

Niko Kovac.
Niko Kovac.

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Published 10 Dec 2019, 00:33 IST
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