Video: The day when Diego Costa threw spit towards Sergio Ramos

Diego Costa fights with Sergio Ramos for the ball

Diego Costa’s behaviour last night in the Capital One Cup semi-finals against Liverpool surprised a lot of people. However, this is not the first time he has been so fiercely

competitive on the field.

His alleged stamps on Emre Can and Martin Skrtel were deemed legal by referee Michael Oliver. For Costa this is nothing new, he did the same for Atletico Madrid and Rayo Vallecano in La Liga. He is someone, who thrives on bending the laws of the game.


In 2012, while playing for Atletico Madrid against Real Madrid in a league game. A winter evening went sour because of Costa’s frequent clashes with defenders Sergio Ramos and Pepe.

From insults to gestures, Costa uses his non-footballing bag of tricks to intimidate defenders.

Costa uses foul language directed towards Diego Costa

In this part of the video, Costa is seen abusing Pepe.

Similar situation, this time Pepe’s mother is the target

More abuses directed towards Pepe, this time his mother being brought into proceedings.

The same game and Costa brings out a ‘dirty’ trick to intimidate Sergio Ramos by throwing his spit onto the defenders jersey.

If it was not enough for him to spit on Ramos once, he did it again a second time. This time attempting to hide from the referee’s view. Sergio Ramos’ reaction says it all.

What was surprising was that there was a hug and a handshake between Costa and Ramos at the end of the game. A deal was probably struck not sharing mucus with each other.

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