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Worst 5 kits in Europe: 2017/18

Shambhu Ajith
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It's okay to
It's okay to look away

The off-season wait is the toughest and longest phase of the year that a football fan has to endure. They make themselves busy reading the gossips and rumours conjured up, in all probability, by the imagination of laid off individuals with too much time on their hands. But hey, whatever gets you through your day, right?

The faithful stand by in anticipation of the brand new kits so they can strut that stuff like a statement the next time they catch the weekend action in a pub. But uh, sometimes best-laid plans can go to pot and you have to hide your new acquisition in your suitcase of guilt and keep it as far as you can from the shores of embarrassment.

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Here are the 5 clubs and their kits from around Europe's finest which have received a lot of flak and a massive amount of face-palms.

#5 Feyenoord's away kit

A tractor in the middle would've been a nice touch, yeah?

Marvel at the terrace farming technology the Dutch champions are endorsing on their away kit this term. It would do wonders in the market if your fans are Farmville enthusiast.

Unoriginal (inspired by Portland Timbers' away kit) and bordering on the hideous, Feyenoord's hopes of their kit standing out will be rewarded for all the wrong reasons.

I mean, we're all getting a bit tired of Adidas' 3 stripes but sometimes it makes me wish they stick to dipping them in plain paint and stitching those 3 stripes over the shoulders because they clearly don't sparkle in the creative domain.

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