10 Fortnite content creators to watch if you're trying to get better at the game

Fortnite content creators who can help players get better at the game (Image via Sportskeeda)
Fortnite content creators who can help players get better at the game (Image via Sportskeeda)

Players often grind to get better at Fortnite, but sometimes they need a little extra help. Fortunately, YouTube is filled with channels that make videos on tips, tricks, and guides to help players.

There are certain YouTubers who have easy-to-understand guides and explain in great detail how players can improve in the game. They also break down updates to help players understand everything that is new and useful.

Fortnite content creators with the best advice

Here is a list of the best content creators that players can watch:

10) AussieAntics

The Australian YouTuber is a great analyst of the game. He works hard at analyzing new updates, pro players, tournament matches, etc. Therefore, if players want to get better at playing Epic Games' Battle Royale, they can watch his content to learn the new meta and all the upcoming changes.


9) x2Twins

The twin pro players from Australia are holders of multiple Fortnite records. Their skills are largely unmatched in the Oceania region, and they are two of the biggest content creators in the region. x2Twins focus mainly on creating funny content and challenges. However, players can learn a lot about building and underrated strategies by watching their videos.


8) Fresh

With 7 million subscribers on YouTube, Fresh is one of the biggest Fortnite content creators. Although his uploads are not regular, his content is worth watching if players are trying to get better at the game. Fresh's insights on the new updates are incredibly beneficial for casual players.


7) Lachlan

His own Icon Series skin is a perfect indicator of how much Lachlan has contributed to the Battle Royale. Pro player-turned-content creator, Lachlan knows how players can get better at Fortnite with a few simple tips and tricks. In fact, he often encourages players to take part in his challenge videos, motivating them to grind and increase their skills.


6) Top5Gaming

If players want to get better at playing Fortnite, Top5Gaming is a great YouTube channel to watch. Apart from the nostalgic videos and interesting content, this channel also uploads lesser-known tips and tricks. Moreover, the channel uploads videos of useful glitches and secrets in the game that players can use to improve and get more Victory Royales.


5) Teckoh

Unlike most content creators on this list, Teckoh is still an upcoming channel. However, its content is largely focused on how players can get better at Fortnite. The videos include season-specific tips and tricks and detailed guides and tutorials to improve building, aim, and even movement.


4) SypherPK

Being one of the oldest content creators in the game, SypherPK knows Epic's Battle Royale inside out. His gameplay videos can be easily understood by beginners, and he has some of the best and most useful tips for players to improve in the game.


3) Nick Eh 30

Daily streams on Twitch are a great reason why players wanting to improve at the Battle Royale game should watch Nick Eh 30. Although his YouTube content is full of hilarious videos, his Twitch streams include some of the most useful tips for players. He is still an active pro player, which means he understands the weapon meta and knows what works best.


2) ProGuides

Fortnite Tips, Tricks and Guides is just one of the channels run by ProGuides. This network of channels on YouTube has some of the best people working on video guides for players trying to improve at different games, including Epic Games' Battle Royale. Players can find a video solving every single one of their problems on the ProGuides channel.


1) Jerian

Being an active pro player, Jerian is the best content creator to watch if you want to get better at the Battle Royale game. His analysis of pro matches and his own gameplay is a great source of tips and guides. He has also helped several pro players get better at the game and is the perfect coach one can ever have.


While all these content creators are a great way to help players get better at Fortnite, it ultimately comes down to the grind and hard work players are willing to put into improving.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the writer's opinions.

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