10 smartest Fortnite players of all time

Fortnite World Cup winner Bugha is one of the smartest gamers in the community (Image via ESPN)
Fortnite World Cup winner Bugha is one of the smartest gamers in the community (Image via ESPN)

Survival and elimination of enemies are two major aspects of Fortnite. With several professionals in the loop, gamers need to be aware and a tad bit smarter to emerge as the better ones. The competitive segment is also quite sweaty and players often need to take the assistance of several tricks to be the winner.

The community has seen some slick moves from gamers in competitive matches. However, who is the smartest Fortnite player of all time is a question that frequently pops to mind.

This article will reveal the top ten gamers who are considered to be the smartest ones in Fortnite.

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Ten smartest Fortnite gamers revealed

10) Setty


Setty will initially struggle to get a grasp of the game, but once he does, he will rip off opponents like there's no tomorrow. The gamer has already made a name for himself in the competitive segment and is one of the smartest players ever.

9) Chapix


The gamer is quite popular for his rage and complete awareness of what's happening around him. Chapix is one of the few players who love to maintain a high ground and extract a win from any situation.

8) Andilex


Andilex's gameplay is unique and subtle. It will appear effortless, but in reality, it is a carved-out plan that is efficient enough to take down any opponent with ease. He is one of the few who has mastered Storm Surge and is definitely one of the smartest to ever grace the game.

7) Jamper


Most gamers tend to direct their concentration towards the end of a match. Jamper is one of the few who manages to stay focussed during the final zones. He is quick and alert to his surroundings and is able to counter any kind of attack from the enemy in quick time.

6) Arkham


His gameplay is not as unique as everyone would expect it to be. However, he is extremely consistent with his skills and maintains composure even if there is an adverse situation ahead.

5) Cented


Over the years, Cente has made a name for himself as an undisputed Trios champion. The gamer is extremely quick and remembers everything about the events of the game that he's in. His sharp memory provides him with an edge over his opponents.

4) Tayson


He's one of the few gamers who does everything right in the game. Starting from picking up the best loot, to eliminating enemies with an astounding strategy, Tayson's gameplay seems as if he has a script ready as to how to play a match. No doubt he has tasted success in the game and is considered one of the smartest players of Fortnite.

3) Bugha


Winner of the maiden Fortnite World Cup, Bugha is indubitably one of the smartest gamers in the community. The player has an exquisite understanding of the game and can fetch a victory even when the odds are against him.

2) Pink


The gamer has the ability to come up with unique strategies to give him edge over his opponents in the game. Pink does not fear taking risks, and the ability to storm into any situation without thinking about the consequences makes him one of the smartest in the game.

1) Queasy


A totally unorthodox gamer, Queasy has shown the community why he's the best by beating top tier professionals in the competitive segment. Following his gameplay is quite easy but trying it out in the game is equally difficult. He is by far the smartest Fortnite gamer ever.

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