3 Fortnite weapons that require 0% skill to use (& 3 that are extremely difficult to use)

Easy vs.difficult weapons (Image via Epic Games)
Easy vs.difficult weapons (Image via Epic Games)

Throughout the history of Fortnite, there have been many different types of weapons. They have been largely split into two classes: easy and difficult to use. Many weapons are easy to use, and are popular choices because of it. However, others are more challenging, which leads to players taking them less often.

They're often designed this way, to provide players with parity in the loot pool and to give less talented players easier weapons to work with. Here are a few examples of easy weapons and a few of the more challenging ones.

Easiest and most challenging weapons to use in Fortnite

Top 3 easiest weapons present in the game

3) SMG

Fortnite Players: Epic needs to balance the SMGS.Everyone: AgreesEpic Games: Sounds good- ENJOY OUR BRAND-NEW MYTHIC STINGER SMG

SMGs are not difficult to use at all. That doesn't make it a bad weapon, but the SMG is one of the easiest weapons to master in the game. Players can employ the "spray and pray" strategy to great effect with these.

The firing rate, damage per size and magazine size all combine to make SMGs easy to use, which is also why they're so dangerous. Most Fortnite players carry one whether they need an easier weapon or not.

2) LMG

The same logic can be applied to the LMG, which has been vaulted for a long time. The LMG required very little skill since it was essentially a more powerful version of the SMG.

It did have more bloom, but it had increased damage and firing rate. If Fortnite players could aim correctly with it for a few seconds, they'd have an elimination.

1) Minigun

The Fortnite Minigun was added to Fortnite 3 years ago today !#Fortnite

The Minigun is the epitome of "spray and pray." It took a second to get going, but after that it was firing faster than any gun and dealing a lot of damage. Miniguns made it very easy to destroy builds and put pressure on opponents.

The Sideways Minigun from last season was the last appearance of it and many players used to carry it then.

Top 3 difficult-to-use weapons present in Fortnite's loot pool

3) Sniper Rifle

Hunter Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle (Image via Epic Games)
Hunter Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle (Image via Epic Games)

Given that players rarely ever stand still, sniper rifles are among the hardest guns to use in the game. They require stellar aim, timing, anticipation and precision. There have been a lot of snipers over the seasons and they've all been difficult to use.

Nerfing the damage on the current version of this gun also adds to the difficulty. A headshot will no longer eliminate a Fortnite gamer with a full shield and health bar.

2) Pump Shotgun

Striker Pump Shotgun (Image via Epic Games)
Striker Pump Shotgun (Image via Epic Games)

Pump shotguns, by nature, are a challenging weapon to use. If Fortnite players miss their first shot, it can be the end of a battle. It deals a lot of damage, but the firing rate is so slow that one mistake can end it.

That's especially true for the Striker Pump Shotgun, since it's considered the worst version of the pump yet.

1) Hand Cannon

The Hand Cannon requires the most skill to be used effectively. It fires slowly and has a small magazine. It also uses heavy bullets, one of the rarest types. It requires good aim and it has to be from moderately close range, which is difficult.

Hand Cannons are not currently in Fortnite, though they may be returning. That would give players another weapon to show off their skills with and provide an alternative to shotguns.

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