3 Fortnite skins that lost their popularity in 2021 (and 3 that rose to the top)

sMost popular & unpopular kins in Fortnite (Image via Sportskeeda)
sMost popular & unpopular kins in Fortnite (Image via Sportskeeda)

Fortnite players have always cared about the Outfits or Skins they don while playing their favorite Battle Royale. At the beginning of 2021, the island went wild, bringing more skins into action.

The year 2021 saw skins that were different from the usual Renegade Raider, Ghoul Trooper or even Soccer Skins that are considered "Sweaty" by the player community. Fortnite saw the evolution of players' skin choices with the progress of their seasons.

Hence, the community started seeing a trend towards the end of 2021 of some unpopular skins rising to the top while the ex-fan favorites lost their popularity.


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Top Fortnite skins whose hype decreased in 2021

Even though skins are released in Fortnite with high expectations & collaborations, sometimes things can go sideways. But a weird trend in 2021 made the most popular skins take the fall.

3) Iron Man (Tony Stark)


The most popular skin of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4, Iron Man, was a tier 100 skin that players loved. The in-built emote that transforms the billionaire Tony Stark into his alter ego was the talk of the community.

When the season came to an end and players didn't have to use the Mythic Unibeam or Repulsors anymore, the skin slowly took the fall. The community stopped using the skin or its super level variants, including a pretty good-looking Holo Variant.

2) Ninja


Ninja's skin was the first in-game cosmetic set released in Icon Series dedicated to a streamer. Players were hyped up to wear multiple styles of the outfit & gave it all the fan love they could.

Come 2021, the community fell out of love as Fortnite brought more streamers like LazarBeam, Lachlan & Loserfruit into the Icon Series. Their skins had more interesting details & features that made Ninja's skin look outdated.

1) Travis Scott


Travis Scott's skin was released when Fortnite's best concert to date, Astronomical, happened in 2020. Players were quick to purchase to get his Icon Skin from the Item Shop.

Fast forward to late 2021, in light of recent events at one of Travis' concerts, players got into a controversial discussion. Some of them even voiced their protest to Epic for removing the skin from the game altogether.

Top skins that became popular in 2021

While the popular skins went out of action & taste, a few old fan favorites took the front seat.

3) Aura


Aura skin was released in Chapter 1 Season 8, where it wasn't very popular due to its basic style and cheaper value of 800 V-bucks. However, there's always a turnaround.

Streamers like Bugha & Clix started using it on the competitive side. Hence players were quick to grab it from the Item Shop by getting influenced by their favorite streamer, which rose its popularity.

2) Siren


Siren was a hot skin since it was dropped in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2, when the community was still using Midas.

In 2021, streamers like BenjyFishy realized the meta about the skin & started using it in Mainstream Competitive matches. Players saw the advantages of the skin & started buying it, which made it rise in popularity.

1) Joltara


The most loved skin by competitive players, Joltara was part of the first-ever customisable superhero skin set.

Streamers were using the popular pure Black or White combinations & found a meta that gave them a gameplay advantage. The player community started a debate around this skin being "Pay-To-Win".

Later, when Epic Games banned the skin from Arena & Competitive, players still bought it, proved their mettle, & abused it in public matches.

There are certainly more skins in-game that lost & rose in popularity. However, these six skins are the ones that have been noticed the most.

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