Fortnite community wants Travis Scott gone from the game following Astroworld 2021 catastrophe

Travis Scott's Astroworld performance resulted in many untimely deaths, and Fortnite fans are not happy (Image via Epic Games)
Travis Scott's Astroworld performance resulted in many untimely deaths, and Fortnite fans are not happy (Image via Epic Games)

Travis Scott was inserted into Fortnite, and now fans and players are starting to call for his removal, underscoring how the Astroworld Festival tragedy has attached negative ties to anything associated with the rapper.

The grisly result of Scott's festival in Houston, Texas, has people all over the world squinting their eyes at the music artist. Though he may not be responsible for what happened to those involved in the catastrophe, his face is all over the headlines as the host of the event.

Deaths at Travis Scott concert rallies Fortnite community for his removal from game

At the Astroworld Festival in Houston, a massive surge from the crowd present to observe Scott and his performance resulted in eight confirmed deaths among numerous other injuries. Now, the Fortnite fanbase has reacted, asking for Scotts's removal from the game after the unfortunate events at the concert he hosted.

Imagine fighting for your life on the back of a golf cart and some kids in Travis Scott fortnite shirts are dancing on top of it…

Travis Scott has boosted Fortnite's involvement around the world with his merchandise and famous skin inside the game, ultimately tying Fortnite to any sort of conduct that follows him.

People are asking “Why is a 10 yr old at a Travis Scott concert getting hurt?”Have y’all been sleeping? He markets directly to KIDS. For Example: Fortnite + The first major McDonalds celeb collab (y’all don’t remember kids went NUTS over it?) #AstroWorld #astroworldfest

One of the main reasons players and fans are blaming Scott for the event and the deaths is because the rapper's collaboration with Fortnite allegedly encouraged his younger crowd to come out and attend the event. The popular battle royale game is marketed to younger kids, teens, and adolescents, so Scott's presence is likely a strong reason for so many of them to attend the Astroworld festival.

im surprised kids didnt die too in the travis scott fortnite concert

In some fans' eyes, they believe the in-game concert that Travis Scott hosted was the same as the live concert in Houston. They feel that the kids who attended likely didn't understand the difference since they were so young and not having much experience of attending such events.

On the other hand, fans also are pointing fingers at the parents of the deceased kids, as they are primarily responsible for their attendence at the concert.

More on the parent blame game on having kids at a festival. Remember this is the same Travis Scott that had a Fortnite and McDonald’s deal hello

Although Scott stopped performing and there was an attempt to stop the concert once the commotion peaked, the Fortnite community stands by their disgust and disappointment directed at Travis Scott.

Here are a few more reactions from the community that express their feelings towards the music artist and his involvement with Fortnite and the Astroworld tragedy:

cant believe travis scott legit fortnite emoted while people were dying it the crowd
dear Fortnite, can I please return my Travis Scott skin
Wore the Travis Scott fortnite skin and got 8 kills
I went to my first festival as a 155 lbs 19 year old adult … and even I struggled in the moshpits/ general crowd presence. I can’t even imagine being 5 years old at a concert like this. He prolly wouldn’t even know Travis Scott if it wasn’t for that Fortnite collab.…

The above tweet below fully displays the controversial behavior and conditions of the Astroworld concert for the younger crowd, and might explain how things got so out of hand.

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