3 unreleased Fortnite weapons that will make players lose their mind (& 3 that need to be released)

It's a good thing that some of the weapons never saw the light of day in-game (Image via Sportskeeda)
It's a good thing that some of the weapons never saw the light of day in-game (Image via Sportskeeda)

Over the years, numerous unreleased weapons have shown up in Fortnite's game files. Most are either based on prototypes or failed design concepts that never made it in-game and rightfully so.

Many of these weapons were utterly broken, and no amount of nerfs would be able to remedy it. However, among these overpowered weapons, a few would have been a fine addition in-game for players.

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Fortnite weapons that should never be released to the game

1) Zapotron


The Zapotron was a weapon unlike any other. This was the first broken and overpowered sniper rifle to be added to Fortnite. Thankfully, it was promptly removed as well. The weapon dealt 150 damage in one shot and featured first-shot accuracy, according to the stats.

2) Test God Gun


As the name suggests, the weapon turned players into Gods. Everything in-game could be destroyed in one shot. This included structures, vehicles, objects, and even players, if there were any. The gun was never released to the public and was only used by Fortnite developers.

3) M.O.A.B


M.O.A.B is an unreleased version of a rocket launcher of some sort. Despite its small size, it could deal 100 damage per shot. Although the weapon was never released into the game, it's possible that it eventually got added to the B.R.U.T.E. aka the Mech.

Fortnite weapons that should be released to the game

1) Air Strike Laser


The Air Strike Laser was a prototype weapon that functioned as suggested. It could be used to call down an airstrike using a laser pointer. Bombs would fall from the sky and do a large area of effect damage. While this weapon may sound lethal, it would have been a great addition to the game.

2) Beehive Grenade


Although the Beehive Grenade has been in the game file numerous times, the item was never added to the game itself. In theory, when thrown, a swarm of bees would appear from a beehive and inflict damage. It's unclear if players would have been able to destroy the beehive or perhaps burn it to stop the bees.

3) Big Poppy


Big Poppy was essentially a balloon that grew to a ridiculous size before exploding. If thrown within a structure, the balloon could break the building by expanding. It's unclear if it could damage players if they were close enough to it when it exploded.

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