4 fastest ways to level up in Fortnite without doing challenges

Methods to level up without using challenges in Fortnite (Image via Perfect Score/YouTube)
Methods to level up without using challenges in Fortnite (Image via Perfect Score/YouTube)
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The Battle Pass in Fortnite makes the game even more exciting. Players can claim exclusive rewards that are up for grabs by ranking up the tiers. Therefore, grinding XP to level up is an important aspect of Fortnite.

To rank up the tiers faster, gamers often rely upon the several challenges that Epic Games releases. However, one can also level up in Fortnite without completing them.

This article will discuss some ways by which gamers can rank up without taking on quests and challenges.

Fortnite: How to level up in-game without completing challenges

1) Use the Creative Mode


The Creative Mode is one of the best ways to get some advantage and rank up faster. There are several maps available that offer an abundant supply of XP if gamers can trigger the glitch in question.

2) Play the game regularly


One of the best ways to rank up using no challenges is to play the game regularly. Performing actions in the game grants small amounts of XP, that accumulate and help in the progress of gamers.

Players should also develop a strategy and emphasize upon winning the game regularly. Even though it is easier said than done, they should, at the very least, aim to place as high as possible to get more amount of XP from a single match.

3) Save the World


Few players own the Save the World segment. However, those who have it installed can use it to their advantage and rank up in the game. The mode offers XPs and mission badges that can assist gamers accumulate enough points to level up. It is not as efficient as Creative Mode, but does the job.

4) Purchase the levels


This method is not quite popular, as gamers prefer ranking up organically. However, for those who have a busy schedule and do not play the game regularly, this is the best way to rank up in the game.

Through this method, gamers will be able to climb up the tiers and access all exclusive rewards from the Battle Pass by just investing some money.

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