4 Fortnite Creative maps that feel like an entirely different game

Some of the best Creative maps you should try right now (Image via Sportskeeda)
Some of the best Creative maps you should try right now (Image via Sportskeeda)

Epic Games has continuously added new modes and features to Fortnite, and one of them is the Creative mode. It was first introduced in December 2018 and has grown exponentially since to where it has crafted its own niche.

Creative mode allows you to come up with ideas and designs to create new games and experiences for yourself and other players. You have the freedom to build and design any kind of map you want and can even set rules which all other players will have to follow.

Since its inception, players have designed a ton of maps that are nothing like vanilla Fortnite. These Creative maps have completely different worlds, rules and objectives, making them standalone experiences in themselves. With that in mind, here are four Creative maps that feel like an entirely different game:

4 Creative maps that refresh Fortnite, with aliens, cyberpunk, and more

1) Alien vs Survivors - 5165-6231-8127

This creative map recreates the movie Alien's legendary spaceship Nostromo, with very dimly-illuminated maintenance hallways, disturbing shared spaces, and some vents to sneak through. In this map, one of the players searches for other survivors, who are trying to find keycards all around the ship.


2) Cyberpunk Cityscape - 6230-2709-2978

In terms of imagination and design, Cyberpunk Cityscape might be one of the best Creative maps of all time. In it, players are teleported to a whole new cyberpunk universe. This map is designed after a cyberpunk city and looks nothing like Fortnite.

As per the creator of the map, it took two weeks to design. If you are looking for a getaway from vanilla Fortnite, then this might just be the ticket for you.

3) Lands Down Under Museum - 4371-6551-3016

This newly-released Creative map takes you to four different areas that do a great job of letting players experience Australia and New Zealand's wildlife, including an underwater aquarium. Forget guns and fighting, the Lands Down Under map really showcases how to design realistic virtual worlds.


4) Evil Awaits: The End - 0387-3560-2947

If you are into horror games, then Evil Awaits: The End is for you. It is by far one of the best horror maps in Fortnite Creative mode. In it, you play as an office worker who has moved to a new town and is haunted by visions of demons and ghosts, both at home and work.


The map employs a first-person camera perspective to fully immerse players in the environment, and the outstanding lighting effects add to the nerve-wracking experience.

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