5 forgotten Fortnite pros who quit and never looked back

Streaming Fortnite. Image via Forever Fortnite
Streaming Fortnite. Image via Forever Fortnite

Fortnite has exploded onto the professional gaming scene. Streaming, tournaments, pro players and everything else have become staples of Fortnite, as well as the gaming world at large. Many players and content creators have made a fully fledged career out of Fortnite.

Most players have branched out to stream other games and play other games, but still regularly participate in Fortnite and are a part of the community. There are some, though, that used Fortnite as a springboard to jum off and never returned.

Forgotten Fortnite pros

5) Tennp0

Tennp0 was a fan favorite Fortnite streamer but eventually transitioned to Apex Legends, a similar battle royale, and really never looked back. Fortnite was Tennp0's launchpad, so to speak, and he hasn't really returned to the game yet.

4) Myth

Myth, back in March of 2020, effectively quit the professional scene in Fortnite. Myth expressed his disdain for the game but did note that he'd be back if things got interesting, but hasn't returned and hasn't done anything competitive with it.

TSM Myth. Image via The Netline
TSM Myth. Image via The Netline

3) Nickmercs

Nickmercs was a big part of the Fortnite world. From streaming to competitive, he was all over it. Unfortunately, in 2020, Nickmercs moved on, citing Warzone as the primary reason. He had a lot of fun playing Warzone and wanted to pursue that instead of Fortnite. While he's still in the genre, he's not playing Fortnite anymore.

2) Vinny1x

One of the most popular Fortnite players left his team and completely quit playing Fortnite last year. The fun just wasn't there, according to his personal Twitter account. When the fun stops, it really becomes a burden, so Vinny1x decided to move on to bigger and better things.

1) Tfue

Tfue was possibly the most notable Fortnite streamer. Second to maybe just Ninja, Fortnite and Tfue were almost synonymous. Tfue has stated he can't spend more than a few years on a certain game and appears to have permanently moved onto Warzone. The latest battle royale game from Call of Duty seems to be poaching pros left and right.

Tfue. Image via The Hollywood Reporter
Tfue. Image via The Hollywood Reporter

Which of these pros is the most missed by fans?

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