5 worst ways to lose a game of Fortnite Chapter 3 

Chapter 3 has a lot of ways to die (Image via Epic Games)
Chapter 3 has a lot of ways to die (Image via Epic Games)

There are several different ways to lose a game in Fortnite. Some are noble, others are frustrating, and a few are downright unbearable. Players have experienced many of them over the years, but the unbearable ones are likely seared into their memories.

These losses stand out from all the rest, even though there are so many losses for every player. Even those with countless wins have countless failures, and some of them are in painful ways. Here are the worst ways to lose this chapter.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the views of the author.

Worst ways to lose a Fortnite game

5) Being pickaxed


Being bludgeoned to death in any context in Fortnite is embarrassing. If players resort to swinging wildly and succeeding, it's a challenging way to go out. It's even worse when that's the final kill. Finishing second due to a pickaxe is rage-inducing, as this player discovered.

4) One shot

Yep imagine losing like this, why did I do that. I thought I could get him with one shot but the Fortnite gods aren't with me today, such a bad mood #Fortnite

It's always frustrating to place second, but it's even worse when players find out how much health their opponent has left. If it's anything that a single bullet would have changed, it's incredibly disheartening. Knowing that they were so close is a sad bit of information for many Fortnite players.

3) NPC

The Foundation NPC (Image via Epic Games)
The Foundation NPC (Image via Epic Games)

This can be a real possibility depending on where the final circle is. If players end up in Sanctuary especially, they need to be careful about where they shoot. If they trigger The Foundation and he kills them to end the game (which is very likely), it's one of the worst ways to lose.

2) Unreloaded weapon

Getting second in a fortnite solo because I forgot to reload before I shot the last guy is easily the biggest and most regrettable mistake of my life. Yes even bigger than THAT one mistake

Forgetting to reload a weapon is something that plagues all levels of gamers. It is terrible when it comes back to bite them because they cannot hit the opponent, who then kills them thanks to the opening. Sometimes it's unavoidable, but it's still really frustrating.

1) Fall damage

like @TSM_Daequan, I lost a game to a bouncer fall damage bug. This game doodoo! #fortnite #bug #streamer

Sometimes fall damage is used by the enemy. Being shot down from a build isn't as frustrating of a way to lose, but losing because of a mistake and taking fall damage? That's the worst way to die.

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