8 most creative emotes in Fortnite

Phone It In (Image via Punchnshoot on YouTube)
Phone It In (Image via Punchnshoot on YouTube)
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Zachary Roberts

Epic Games has given Fortnite players tons of creative emotes over the years. Whether they are from the battle pass or the Item Shop, many emotes showcase the creative talents of the team working behind the scenes. There are several good emotes available, which is why so many love the game.

While there's an overabundance of creativity present with many emotes, some are naturally better than others. Of the most creative Fortnite emotes available, these are the best.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the views of the author.

Llama Bell and Blinding Lights among best creative emotes available in Fortnite

8) Boneless

Wiggle your way to Victory!The New Boneless Emote is in the shop now!

Boneless was initially released in the Item Shop in May of 2018. It had a nearly three-year absence before returning in January.

It's one of the most creative emotes in the game because it is wildly unique. It's not a dance or something that most people would even try to do.

7) Conga

#FunFact you can move while using the conga emote and from a conga line in #Season8 (mic was muted) #FortniteSeason8 #Fortnite

Conga is one of the best traversal emotes. It may not be unique, given that the conga is an actual dance that real people do (and have done for decades), but it's still very creative.

It's one of the best dance emotes Fortnite has been inspired to make.

6) Blinding Lights

It's all in the footwork.Throw down some moves with the new Blinding Lights Emote inspired by MACDADDYZ on TikTok. Available now!

This is one of the best of all the Fortnite Icon Series emotes. It's creative and unique because it doesn't use any words.

The music for Blinding Lights by The Weeknd is there, but it's not the actual song. The words are cut, making for an endless loop of music and dancing.

5) Phone It In

Surrender to the sultry sax. 馃幏 The new Phone It In Emote is available now!

If nothing else, Phone It In is one of the funniest Fortnite emotes. The dance moves are hilarious, and there's nothing quite like an avatar dancing while playing the saxophone.

The music is pretty good, too. All of that combines to make this easily one of the most creative emotes.

4) Chess Master


Chess Master is a brand new emote, but it's instantly one of the most creative emotes in the game. This cooperative emote allows Fortnite gamers to play chess against one another.

They're not trying to win because they're moving the same pieces back and forth, but the emote is wildly creative nonetheless.

3) Tactical Visor Toggle

The Tactical Visor Toggle Emote in action! #Fortnite

The built-in Fortnite emote for The Foundation is one of the best in the game. It is the perfect emote to flip between masked and unmasked styles and even includes a fun pop culture reference.

After taking the mask off, The Foundation does Dwayne Johnson's signature eyebrow raise, and it's fantastic.

2) Llama Bell


Llama Bell is one of the most creative emotes in the game, but it's also entirely random. It references the 2000 SNL skit featuring Will Ferrell and Christopher Walken, which is as random an Easter egg as the game has.

Still, it's an awesome emote whether it comes from something else or not.

1) Crowning Achievement

Crowning Achievement (Image via Epic Games)
Crowning Achievement (Image via Epic Games)

The Victory Crown is one of Epic Games' best choices in a long time. The emote might be a little bit basic, but it's still a creative way to flex one's talent.

Winning is hard enough, but doing so with a victory crown is entirely different. Unfortunately, the numbers rest after the season changes.

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