8 most forgotten Fortnite collaboration skins of all time

Not many Loopers remember these skins in Fortnite (Image via Sportskeeda)
Not many Loopers remember these skins in Fortnite (Image via Sportskeeda)

With so many collaborations taking place each year in Fortnite, not all of them are remembered. Some lack the hype factor or are soon forgotten after the cosmetics leave the item shop.

While personal choices and trends have a lot to do with it, most are forgotten due to them being either bland or too generic. Even though Epic Games tried their best to make them memorable, the skins failed to make a splash.

These collaboration skins from Fortnite have been all but forgotten

8) Stranger Things

Stranger Things X Fortnite collab happened 2 years ago TODAY馃槼

Despite the Demogorgon and Chief Hopper being synonymous with Stranger Things, the skins have become irrelevant in-game. While they have been popular in Fortnite Chapter 1 Season 9, not every Looper even knows that this crossover happened.

7) Ghostbusters

@FitzyLeakz U wrong this was The most simple skins

Although skins such as Aura are famed for their simple design, the same cannot be said for the Ghostbusters collaboration. The skins were released in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 and didn't really impress the community at all.

6) Green Arrow

@Darker3lf @FortniteGame as someone who loves Green Arrow, I think his design was extremely lazy. I would've preferred a design more sccurate to the final seasons of the show or at least a brighter, more comic accurate take on Green Arrow. it just seemed so lazy & i hope they do Loki justice.

Green Arrow was the second Crew outfit to be released in-game and the first collaborative crossover for the Crew subscription. Given how important this moment was, it's rather odd that Epic Games failed to meet expectations. The skin was labeled as lazy by numerous fans.

5) Tron

Worst collab in fortnite

Unbeknownst to many new Loopers, a collaboration with Tron took place in-game during Chapter 2 Season 5. Given the price of the cosmetics, the community unanimously labeled the crossover as one of the worst in history. The skins are so unpopular that most don't even own them.

4) Jordan

Unlock the heat.Lace up in the Air Jordan I x Nike SB to take your game to the next level. #FortniteXJumpman

Although Jordan is a huge apparel brand in the real-world, the hyped-up in-game collaborations were soon forgotten. While the skins may look good, they add nothing in particular to the game itself. Without any lore or uniqueness, they eventually faded into obscurity.

3) Borderland

Psycho Bandits and Claptrap are arguably two of the most memorable characters from the Borderlands series. Despite their fame and popularity, the Psycho Bandit outfit has been all but forgotten in Fortnite. It's almost as if the collaboration never even took place.

2) Aquaman

#Fortnite News Update: Aquaman"The King of the Seven Seas is here and ready to rumble! Battle Pass owners, complete the Aquaman Challenges to unlock him now. "

The DC crossover, which introduced Aquaman in Chapter 2 Season 3, did justice to the skin. Sadly, due to Atlantis not being a POI in-game, the community was left heartbroken. With the entire focus of the crossover on the POI, the skin was soon forgotten.

1) Balenciaga

Who let Balenciaga鈥檚 graphic designer on the Fortnite instagram

Skins from the Balenciaga collaboration failed to make any ripple in the game. The crossover occurred in Chapter 2 Season 8 and left players perplexed as to why it had occurred. Given that it has zero connection to the game, most Loopers have already forgotten about the cosmetics.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the writer's opinions.

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