8 Fortnite cosmetics that only 0.1% of players have

Buckled is extremely rare (Image via Defaults/YouTube)
Buckled is extremely rare (Image via Defaults/YouTube)
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Over time, Fortnite cosmetics that don't return get pretty rare. Items that have been absent for a while are less common than those in the shop every other week. They can also be rare, depending on how many players own them.

For example, a cosmetic absent since Chapter 1 Season 5 is extremely rare because fewer uses were playing then, and no one has been able to buy it since.

From the Hotwire skin to the Power Grip pickaxe, here are a few of the rarest cosmetics right now.

Fortnite cosmetics that almost nobody has

8) Hotwire skin

The Masked Character of the Day is...Hotwire from Fortnite!

Hotwire is an extremely rare cosmetic for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it's been absent for 813 days meaning for the last two-plus years, no one has ever seen this skin available.

Secondly, it only has three total appearances in the Item Shop. Most loopers don't expect skins to leave and never return, so they may not even think about buying them. Unfortunately, the last chance to do so may have passed for this item.

7) RollyRider


RollyRider hasn't been in the Item Shop in nearly 300 days. Rare emotes don't often get purchased as players typically go for the Epic or Uncommon ones (or the Icon Series emotes).

Its last appearance was only its second, so RollyRider is becoming very rare.

6) Gnomax

Sit back and relax with some old school bling. But beware, Gnomax is near!Get the Fortnite Classics Bundle in the Item Shop now.

Gnomax was introduced in July of 2020. That was 644 days ago. Since that initial appearance, this pickaxe has not been seen at all.

Gnomax probably wasn't a hugely popular pickaxe in its brief stint in the Item Shop, which means it's pretty rare. It came as part of a cosmetic bundle, which didn't help.

5) Contender


Contender was a back bling released with the Beacons set. It's pretty rare because it hasn't been seen in over 800 days. It's also an uncommon back bling, which is usually not terribly popular.

Those who do have this item should wear it with pride, though, since it's one of the rarest cosmetics in the game.

4) Power Grip

Fortnite power grip pickaxe in game look🧐 #Fortnite #FortniteBR #Fortniteleaks

Power Grip is a pickaxe that could only be unlocked if gamers logged into Fortnite China. This is such an obscure and challenging way to unlock something that most players either didn't even know about it or didn't bother trying.

Either way, this is an extremely rare cosmetic.

3) Sledge

Te Sledge skin (Image via Fortnite Wiki)
Te Sledge skin (Image via Fortnite Wiki)

The Sledge skin hasn't been seen in the shop for nearly 1,000 days. Several of today's Fortnite uses weren't even playing 1,000 days ago, so many of them may not even know it exists.

It also only had two appearances, so there were very few opportunities to pick it up.

2) Buckled Bundle

Sooo, am I the only person who remembers the Buckled Bundle? It's been 1221 days since this bundle was last seen in the Fortnite Item Shop. Extremely rare backblings

This bundle of back blings, which had three uncommon back blings, has been absent for a very long time. It was last seen in November of 2018, over 1,200 days ago.

This item has been almost four years since anyone could purchase it, and it has only had three total appearances.

1) Sureshot

*LEAKED*Sureshot (Outfit) “His Aim Is True.”#Fortnite

The Sureshot skin was last seen over 940 days ago. That's one of the most prolonged absences in the game, but the main reason that nobody has it today is that it only appeared in the Item Shop once.

Players who passed on it or didn't check the shop haven't had another opportunity to pick it up. It's one of the rarest Fortnite skins.

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