Can stream sniping get you banned in Fortnite?

Epic Games does not tolerate this, and players who stream snipe Fortnite streamers will be on the wrong side of the spectrum (Image via Epic Games)
Epic Games does not tolerate this, and players who stream snipe Fortnite streamers will be on the wrong side of the spectrum (Image via Epic Games)
Avhinandan Chakraborty

The Fortnite community can be one of the most toxic ones at times, and most of the regular streamers have to face it regularly. Stream sniping is one of the worst things to happen to these streamers. This makes it difficult for players to provide any good content. It is also a form of cheating to gain a power position to eliminate a player without a fair fight.

For those unaware, stream sniping refers to players watching a streamer live and dropping into their game, disturbing them, or eliminating them while watching their position on the map. Stream snipers have been a nuisance ever since streaming became a hit on multiple platforms like Twitch and YouTube.

However, Epic Games has a no-nonsense policy when it comes to troublemakers who want to disturb players in the community, especially by cheating.

Epic Games has banned players for stream sniping Fortnite streamers multiple times

Epic Games has provided multiple examples of players being banned for having their way in the game. While stream sniping is not directly cheating as the player is not modifying the game with any third-party software, it still comes under harassment.

Stream snipers are of multiple kinds. Some are simply fans of the streamer and want to meet up with the creator in-game. Other snipers will simply make life hell for the streamers by revealing their positions and eliminating them when they are helpless.

Some kid stream sniped me twice, I reported him, he went live to start bragging and instantly got a suspension and I got a notification that my report resulted in action against them 10 minutes later.EPIC GAMES WITH THE W LET'S GO!

SypherPK came across a peculiar Fortnite stream sniper a couple of years ago. The sniper in question was also live, bragging about his ability to stream snipe SypherPK. After a couple of games, SypherPK reported the player to Epic Games, and within 10 minutes, the player was handed a one-day ban for "harassment."

The only way to avoid stream sniping currently is to add a delay. Multiple creators have added considerable delays to their streams so that stream snipers cannot time the matchmaking and disturb them in their matches.

Nonetheless, adding delays makes it difficult for streamers to interact with their audience. While it helps shield against, it makes the streaming experience a hassle. Many streamers often cover their screens while dropping into a new match so that snipers have no idea where the streamer is going in the beginning.

In conclusion, players can get banned for stream sniping in Fortnite if they get reported. It is best to stay away from such activities and ensure a fair environment in the game.

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