Epic Games teases a Gatekeeper outfit for the Fortnite May Crew pack

Image via Sportskeeda
Image via Sportskeeda
Amitesh Dhar

Epic Games has a habit of foreshadowing upcoming events in the Fortnite universe. The publisher mentioned a certain gatekeeper's arrival with the upcoming Fortnite Crew Pack in a recent tweet.

Since the Fortnite May Crew Pack hasn't been released yet, there's a chance that this skin that Epic Games is talking about will probably be the skin for the Fortnite May Crew Pack.

What could be the possible skin for the Fortnite May Crew pack?

Given that Epic Games dropped the above tweet on Fortnite's official Twitter handle, this could be considered a tease for things to come.

Data miners believe that the skin for the Fortnite May Crew pack will be the Madcap skin, which is based on mushrooms - a type of fungi. The tweet talks about the gatekeeper coming up from the underworld. This statement could be a hint at mushrooms considering they sprout from beneath the soil and grow upwards.

Data miners also pointed out that the Galaxia skin was also supposed to be an item shop skin but ended up being introduced in the Fortnite Crew pack. They believe that the Madcap skin has been a part of the game files since Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2.

Could there be any other skin for the upcoming Fortnite Crew Pack?

While the Madcap skin makes a lot of sense, another theory doing the rounds on Twitter posits that the upcoming Fortnite Crew pack skin will be some version of the Master Key skin.

The Twitter user notes that all the previously available Fortnite Crew pack skins were based on the seasons in Fortnite Chapter 1. Since the Master Key skin was part of Season 8, there's a chance that it will be part of the Fortnite May Crew pack.

The Fortnite community on Reddit spotted that the Fortnite Crew skin was based on skins from Chapter 1. Although Epic Games is known to be unpredictable, it's unlikely that they will break the pattern with the Crew pack for May as well.

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