Every new skin and cosmetic in the Fortnite update v19.20

Here are all the new skins coming with the update (Image via Epic Games)
Here are all the new skins coming with the update (Image via Epic Games)

Epic has finally pushed the Fortnite v19.20 update for Chapter 3 Season 1, bringing a ton of new content and map changes, gameplay changes, challenges and bug fixes.

As always, this update will bring new skins and other cosmetics on top of the already existing lot. Leakers have even found some files which hint at the arrival of a few new collab skins. However, players can expect some skins to be added at a later point in the game via hotfixes.

Here are all the new skins and cosmetics in the Fortnite update v19.20.

All new skins coming with the Fortnite v19.20 update

Update 19.20's downtime is now behind us, and thanks to leakers we have an idea of all the new things that have arrived with the Fortnite update v19.20. Here is a list of all the leaked skins, pickaxes, and backblings that will be included with the Fortnite update 19.20:



  • Queen of Hearts
  • The Foundation


  • Beast Llama
  • Hearts Abound
  • Foundation's Mantle


  • Mace of Hearts
  • Thorns of Passion
  • Foundation's Plasma Strike


  • The Rocket Wing


  • Tactical Visor Toggle
  • Field Goal
  • Game Ball
  • Give it up
  • Grim Devotion
  • Gummed Up
  • Love Reigns
  • Play on


  • Foundational
  • Hearty
  • Spaced
  • Regal Heart
  • Sneaky Sole


  • All seeing cat
  • Autumn Stag
  • Elder Wolf
  • Hidden Scales
  • Frosty Scavenger
  • Golden Scavenger
  • Hypno Scales
  • Cuddle Wolf
  • Skelle Stag
  • Reanimated Cat
  • Primal Stag
  • Primal Wolf
  • Glowing Scales
  • Midnight Scavenger
  • Spring Owl
  • Dream Hopper
  • Friendly Klombo
  • Tropical Chirper
  • Fire Hunter
  • Frosty Chirper
  • Hungry Klombo


  • Doomed Affair
  • FNCS Fit
  • The Blitz
  • The Greatest


  • Chapter 3 Island Theme

Loading Screen

  • Glumblast
  • Masked Menagerie
  • Tilted Titans

The new update packs in several new and unique cosmetics. But that's not all. A new IO Brute has been added to the game, and prominent leaker HYPEX has shared his stats which can be seen below.

The IO Brute is OP!!- 650 HP- 650 Shield- Has a Charge Dash attack with 10 seconds cooldown- Has a Mythic SMG- Throws Grenades

The IO have even gotten their own base in the form of Covert Cavern hosting the IO Brute Boss. He will be carrying the Mythic Gunnar's Stinger SMG, which players can get by defeating him.

IO Brute is now named "Gunnar" & the SMG is named "Mythic Gunnar's Stinger SMG"
Heavy Shotgun is Back!- Can be obtained from Chests, Floor Loot, Supply Drops & Sharks- Shoots 1 Pellet unlike other shotguns & fire rate is 1.3- Common's Damage is 81, Headshot is 142 & Reload Time is 4.8s- Legendary's Damage is 99, Headshot is 173 & reload time is 3.9s

Apart from this, the Heavy Shotgun has been brought back, and players can obtain it from chests, floor loot and supply drops.

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