Fortnite downtime today (February 1): When will the servers be back up?

The Fortnite downtime for update v19.20 will start shortly (Image via Twitter/GaleriaFortnite)
The Fortnite downtime for update v19.20 will start shortly (Image via Twitter/GaleriaFortnite)

Fortnite downtime for the v19.20 will begin shortly. According to official information, downtime is due to start at 4:00 AM Eastern Time on February 1, 2022. Once completed, players can expect some "covert activities" to take place on the island.

As always, servers will be offline 30 minutes prior to the Fortnite downtime. This should occur at approximately 3:30 AM Eastern Time. However, to avoid unforeseen consequences, like being "lagged-killed" in-game, players should log out at the earliest.

v19.20 is covertly coming up (until we just announced it).The update is scheduled for release on February 1st. Downtime will begin at 04:00 AM ET, with matchmaking being disabled 30 minutes before.

How long will the Fortnite downtime last today (February 1)?

Judging by the timeline of past updates, it's safe to assume that Epic Games has things under control.

With big changes coming to the game following the v19.20 update, players should expect the servers to be up and running within three hours at most.

Major content updates and changes following the Fortnite downtime and v19.20 update

1) The Imagined Order is getting their own base

The new collab will be available in the Item Shop on February 2 (or February 1 for people living in the US)(via @Nanxss)

If the tweet from the developers hadn't already made it clear, the new POI Covert Cavern, aka Grotto 2.0, will go live after the downtime ends. If the information and speculation regarding this POI holds true, the new Imagined Order base should feature a cave system and underground network.

However, aside from the new POI, there is no mention of a dedicated IO loot pool, vehicles, or other NPCs aside from the guards. While Doctor Slone will eventually arrive at the Flipside, it's unlikely that she'll be present in Covert Cavern after the update.

2) There's a disturbance in the Spider-Force

FINAL THEORY: What if tomorrow's collab is Star Wars related?Epic said the new collab will be a "new version of an old fan-favorite cosmetic" and the Star Wars weapons were actually UPDATED in the last update 馃憖(Thanks to @MidaRado for reminding me about the Star Wars stuff!)

According to ShiinaBR, the latest upcoming secret collaboration may be Star Wars. Given that the lightsabers were added to the files during the last update, it may be possible that Epic Games is gearing up for another crossover with Disney.

Two new collab skins will be announced after tomorrow's update, no clue what they are but my THEORY is that they are new Spider-Man skins!(Thanks to @FNBRintel for making me aware of this!)

However, the the upcoming collaboration could also feature new Spider-Man skins. With the current crossover still going strong Chapter 3, new skins such as Mary Jane and others from the Spider-Verse may be added in-game.

3) The Foundation skin and challenges

The foundation is out next week in Fortnite, who鈥檚 excited to unlock him after over 5 months of waiting? I am 馃榿

After months of wanting for The Foundation skin, battle pass owners will finally be able to unlock him after the update. But players will first have to undertake a series of challenges.

These shouldn't be too difficult to complete and will likely be unlocked in stages. Nevertheless, players will have plenty of time to complete them before the season ends.

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