Lightsabers likely to return in Fortnite Chapter 3, new leaks show

May the 4th be with you...soon! (Image via Twitter/wyattsavarese)
May the 4th be with you...soon! (Image via Twitter/wyattsavarese)

Of all the collaboration items that have been introduced to Fortnite, lightsabers were perhaps the most intriguing of them all. Loopers could use them to block attacks and of course cut down opponents in battle.

What made this Star Wars crossover item so loved was that it came in four colors which were blue, green, purple, and red. Unfortunately, it was vaulted after Star Wars day was celebrated in Chapter 2 Season 2 in 2020.

To add insult to injury, the items were not unvaulted on Stars Wars day in 2021 and remained locked away. Thankfully, a spark of hope has emerged for 2022. According to prominent Fortnite leaker ShiinaBR, the Star Wars Lightsaber files were re-added to the game during the 19.10 update.

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When will the Star Wars Lightsaber item be unvaulted in Fortnite Chapter 3?

Although the files are in-game, a timeline for the item's release has not been made available. While many would suggest that the item will be released soon, it's unlikely to happen until Chapter 3 Season 2.

Given that Star Wars day, May 4, will take place during the timeline of Season 2, in all probability the collaboration will happen then. Much like in the past, the item will be unvaulted for a few days or perhaps even a week.

Will any Star Wars cosmetic items or LTMs be coming back during the crossover?


As of now, it's too soon to tell if a full fledged collaboration will occur. Given that last year no Star Wars themed cosmetics or LTMs were added to the game, it would be unwise to jump to conclusions. Nothing can be said for certain without more information from the leakers.

Nevertheless, if cosmetics were to be added, New Trilogy, Original Trilogy, and Book of Boba Fett sets may appear in the item shop. In addition to this, the highly sought after Mando's Bounty LTM may be added in as well.

Fans demand Darth Vader skin for Fortnite

The Star Wars crossovers introduced several characters from the franchise to the game. This included Kylo Ren, Rey, Zorii Bliss, and even the humble Imperial Stormtrooper. However, a lot of players are demanding that Epic Games now bring over Darth Vader himself.

Given the character's popularity and legacy, the skin will no doubt perform well in the item shop. Additionally, Loopers will be one step closer to completing their Star Wars cosmetic collection in Fortnite.

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