Which Spiderman skins should Fortnite players expect after Green Goblin?

Future Spider-Man characters could swoop in as a result of Green Goblin's success (Image via Epic Games)
Future Spider-Man characters could swoop in as a result of Green Goblin's success (Image via Epic Games)

The Spider-Man collaboration has been one of the biggest to come around through Fortnite, even outside of the Marvel universe. Epic Games is starting to implement more characters and places from Spider-Man's world as he's featured on the Battle Pass with a location from the movies directly on the map.

One of the villains, the Green Goblin, recently became available for players to purchase and saw great success after his debut. Now, Fortnite players are wondering which skin Epic Games will bring in next to further the crossover.

Doc Ock, Mysterio, and others might become Fortnite skins in the days to come

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To play along with the theme in the Spider-Man collaboration at the current moment, more villains might be introduced as friendly characters were given out earlier in Chapter 3. Green Goblin's success may have opened the door for Doc Ock, Mysterio, and possibly someone like the Sandman, all of whom played a major part in the movies.

Epic Games has released Spider-Man's friends, like Mary Jane, so other friendly characters could be next as well. Almost every Fortnite fan has adored this crossover, so more skins related to Marvel's web-slinging hero are no doubt in store for the future.

Fans are asking for more Spider-Man skins, and Epic Games could easily insert more characters into their Battle Royale game. They don't have a reason to stop cranking out ideas from the crossover, so players should expect much more to come in the future.


As soon as Chapter 3 hit the books, players raced to grab Spider-Man and level up as fast as they could to claim the skin near the end of the Battle Pass in the first season. With every skin that revolves around him, more hype fuels the excitement that Epic Games is gifting to the playerbase and even more with the anticipation of what will come ahead.

Since this collaboration was so successful and continues to rise in popularity, Fortnite might get a deeper crossover from other Marvel characters or a different universe altogether.

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