Fortnite Chapter 3 floating tent glitch guarantees a Victory Royale when done correctly

Use this Fortnite Tent Glitch and have added some more fun to the game (Image via Sportskeeda)
Use this Fortnite Tent Glitch and have added some more fun to the game (Image via Sportskeeda)
Shubhendu Vatsa

Fortnite players have found an ingenious new glitch that lets them float in the air without any support. With Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1, Epic has introduced a new tent feature where you can store your additional arsenal and types of equipment and share them with all your teammates. While the latest mechanics are excellent, players have found modern ways to exploit them thanks to glitches.

A Fortnite player has managed to find a unique way to levitate in the air by giving them an aerial advantage which, if done right, can get you a victory royale or your Chapter 3 Victory Royale umbrella glider with it.

New Fortnite tent glitch lets players hover undetected and eliminate rivals in incredible ways

A Fortnite player has discovered a striking hidden feature in Fortnite Chapter 3 tents that players can use to float high up in the air, allowing them a full view of the island as well as of other enemies. In order to perfectly execute this trick, you will need a high ground (considerably high). You can do this by using the Fortnite building mechanism and once you have reached a decent height, deploy the tent.

Once you have set up the tent, destroy the platform on which the tent was resting upon. You will notice that the tent will still be hovering; simply jump on the tent, and voila, you will be floating in the air with this glitch. If you don't want anyone else to come near you, shoot the rest of the structure to have the skies all to yourself.


This is a neat Fortnite trick where you can either score some excellent sniper kills or simply disguise yourself in direct sight. You can even employ this ploy during end circles to baffle enemies and knock them down when they are least expecting. However, do be cautious of not falling to your death as other players can shoot you from below or by building parallel structures from afar.

You can store Spider-Man's Web Shooters in tents #Fortnite ( 📸 @iFireMonkey)

You can even avoid this (during the endgame circle) by using the Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 Spiderman Mythic web-shooters to sling out in style.

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