Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 XP System explained: How to level up fast with Creative mode

The Fortnite Creative mode can give players an added XP boost, thereby easing the grind (Image via Epic Games)
The Fortnite Creative mode can give players an added XP boost, thereby easing the grind (Image via Epic Games)

With Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3, Epic Games messed up the entire XP grind in the game. The XP grind in the game was already difficult, but with the current changes to the XP gain system, the grind has become worse, just as the community pointed out.

To reach level 200 in the Battle Pass, players will have to earn 7,920,000 XP. While that might not sound like a lot, Epic Games nerfed the amount of XP players can gain by completing weekly challenges.

Earlier, players would receive a total of 80,000XP just by completing these challenges. However, in Chapter 3 Season 3, this number has been lowered to 75,000XP.

How to gain XP in Fortnite Creative mode


Fortnite Creative is becoming popular with each passing season in the game. Epic Games has been trying to divert some attention towards the Creative mode. For the uninitiated, Fortnite Creative is a mode where members of the community design multiple maps.

There are all sorts of maps featuring game modes like Deathruns, Free-For-All, and Team Deathmatch modes. That said, some of these maps have XP enabled as well. This allows players to gain XP just by playing these maps.

Players stand to gain more XP by playing these maps compared to playing games in the Battle Royale segment. Interestingly enough, players can also gain some XP by spending some time in the Creative mode.

Although it looks like Epic Games is trying to get the community to focus on the Creative mode, the community believes that this is a cash grab attempt by the developers.

Given how well-made the Battle Pass skins are, players will want to progress through the pass quickly to get their hands on the Darth Vader Fortnite skin. However, by nerfing the XP gain, players can be pushed towards buying some of the tiers in the Battle Pass.

While it's difficult to figure out the exact reason behind the XP nerf, the developers will likely boost the XP gain in the upcoming few days. Moreover, the current season will last for more than 90 days, giving players enough time to make the most of the Battle Pass.

Alternatively, players who own the Save The World expansion can also play that mode to gain additional XP, but the community believes that the XP gain is nerfed there. Since it's only been two days since the new season went live, these problems will pop up.

The Fortnite community has been pretty vocal about the issues in the game during the previous seasons, and they're doing the same during this season as well. There's a high chance that Epic Games will take all these issues into account and fix them in the upcoming updates in the game.

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