Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 completely ruins the XP system, complain players

The XP grind in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 is harder than normal (Image via Twitter/MeaganMarie)
The XP grind in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 is harder than normal (Image via Twitter/MeaganMarie)

The XP system in Fortnite has gone through several modifications over the years. In fact, the way in which experience points can be earned in-game has changed drastically as well. These days, players can earn XP from battle royale challenges and XP-enabled Creative maps.

Aside from these two methods, Loopers who own Save The World can also farm XP for themselves there by completing missions. All in all, earning XP to level up and unlock Battle Pass rewards was relatively easy. However, in Chapter 3 Season 3, Epic Games has once again modified the XP system, and it's not looking good. Here's why.


Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 XP system has the community enraged

With 200 levels to complete to unlock all cosmetics in the Battle Pass, reaching the final reward is easier said than done. This has now been made more difficult since each level now requires 80,000 XP rather than 75,000.

Each level in Fortnite is now 80,000 XP instead of 75,000 XP.This means for Level 100 you now require a total of 7,920,000 XP.

Although this increase of 5,000 XP per level does not seem like a lot, it adds up to 500,000 extra XP. This means that in order to reach level 100, players will need a whopping 7,920,000 XP which is not really a lot, taking into consideration that weekly challenges exist, but there's a catch.

Alongside increasing the XP requirement per level, the XP earned from each weekly challenge is reduced by 5,000 as well. Instead of gaining 20,000 per challenge, players will now earn 15,000. Here's what some upset fans have to say about the same:

@iFireMonkey Back to 80k again? Damn, guess StW made them rethink XP this time around.
@iFireMonkey This just seems really really bad and obviously unreasonable for a majority of people to even think about putting that kind of time into something just to finish a battle pass casually :/
@iFireMonkey And seasonal quests only give 15k? Why does epic keep making XP bad?!
@iFireMonkey Bruh why do they keep making it more difficult to level up

Despite the gnashing of teeth and signs of contempt, downgrading the amount of XP earned will not affect regular Fortnite players. However, to make this a fair comparison, two types of players will have to be taken into consideration: Battle Pass holders with time and those without.

Here's why the XP grind in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 is real

For Battle Pass holders, reaching level 200 will involve earning about 16,000,000 XP. To reach this level, players will need to earn about 154,564 XP per day. For those who have the ability to dedicate time to this endeavor, earning 200,000 XP a day will be a breeze.

They'll be able to earn 45,000 by completing the first three daily challenges, followed by 1,000 XP for each challenge. The rest of the XP will come from gameplay, completing simple milestones, and of course, Creative mode. On average, about two to three hours of playtime will be needed each day.

Each Weekly Challenge gives 15K XPEach Daily Challenge gives 1K XPEach Daily Punchcard gives 15K XPEach Milestone Quest Completion Stage gives 20K XPEach Milestone gives 5K XP

For those who are short on time, this becomes a monumental task. If the XP target of 154,564 cannot be met each day, the backlog builds over time and compounds, making it harder to reach level 200. This is made worse by the fact that some players will not be able to play Fortnite on a daily basis.

Even if one were to complete all the weekly challenges and daily punchcards throughout the season, a deficit of 5,400,000 XP would still be in place. Simply put, reaching level 200 will be impossible.

@iFireMonkey 15 weeks of challenges, giving 3 levels each is 45 levels And say you did 350 milestones.There would still be 10,650,000 XP left to get. And if you did all daily challenges for every day of the season that's only 5,400,000 XPMeaning there's 5,200,000 XP remaining lmao

While one can argue that Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 lasts for 100+ days, which will give players time to earn XP, the grind is still very real. On top of having to earn a lot of XP through combat, players will have to turn to Creative XP as well to stay on top of things. Unfortunately, not everyone has a large amount of time to spend playing the game.

Furthermore, if players are not confident of reaching level 200 or are unable to dedicate time, they may not even buy the Battle Pass. This, in turn, hurts the developer's ability to earn.

All in all, the current XP system in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3, needs a rework. Currently, leveling up feels like a chore rather than an enjoyable experience. While many players may feel that things aren't that bad, Loopers with time contraints will have a hard time even reaching level 100.

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