Is Fortnite Save the World still worth buying in 2022?

Fortnite Save the World in 2022 (Image via Epic Games)
Fortnite Save the World in 2022 (Image via Epic Games)

Fortnite Save the World is hardly the first thing that comes to mind when people hear about the game. Even though it came later, the Battle Royale mode has overshadowed its original title. This begs the question of whether Save the World is still worth buying in 2022.

Fans prefer playing the free Battle Royale mode over the PvE, which costs $15. However, the cost isn't the only reason Save the World isn't as popular. The answer to why PvE is not worth playing in 2022 resides in the game's evolution over the years.

To be hooked to the game, players need new content regularly. No one likes playing a game if it has nothing new to offer. Unfortunately, Fortnite Save the World in 2022 has become stale and repetitive.

Disclaimer: The price mentioned ($15) could fluctuate based on Epic releasing bundles and discounts.

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Fortnite Save the World has nothing new to offer in 2022

Back when Save the World was the only Fortnite game Epic had to offer, several players purchased it for a new experience. Months later, when the Battle Royale mode came out, players found a better and free alternative.

As the days progressed, it started to seem like the developers liked their new project better than the old one. There were new and exciting skins, a better storyline, and regular season updates. On the other hand, Save the World also had updates, but none were as good as the Battle Royale.

Cut to 2022, any player who once played Save the World back in the day and jumps back into the game will realize that the game is pretty much the same. There might be new flora and fauna, but the mission and the objectives are still the same.

Paying $15 for a game that is still the same as it was five years ago is a pretty bad investment in 2022.

Are there hopes of Fortnite Save the World getting better in 2022?

Fortnite Battle Royale is at its peak in terms of players after Chapter 3 arrived. The all-new no-build mode has also helped revive the viewership the Battle Royale game had once lost. Naturally, Epic Games is engrossed in keeping the Battle Royale relevant.

Players can use the $15 for something better, as investing in Save the World in 2022 is a poor decision. Unless and until the developers have something original in mind for the title, it will only receive minor changes. Instead, players can purchase the Battle Pass Crew Pack to get a wide range of exciting skins and cosmetics.

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