10 things most Fortnite players forgot even existed

There have been a lot of things from Fortnite that fans have forgotten (Image via Sportskeeda)
There have been a lot of things from Fortnite that fans have forgotten (Image via Sportskeeda)

Epic Games came out with Fortnite, its popular battle royale game, back in 2017. Since then, the game has gone through several changes to reach Chapter 3 Season 2.

However, a lot has happened in the past 20 seasons, and players can hardly remember all of them.

It's been around half a decade since the BR event came out. Over these five years, the developer has added several items, events, weapons, and cosmetics to the game.

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Top Fortnite elements even OGs don't remember

All those users who started playing recently might not even have the faintest idea about how crazy this title was back when it was released. Moreover, there are certain things that even the OGs don't remember.

1) Boogie Down Contest


Epic introduced a competition for fans and content creators to record and share their best version of the Boogie Down emote. Gamers from all around the world participated in the event and shared some of the most hilarious clips.

Even popular streamers such as Myth and Ninja shared their attempts at copying the Boogie Down emote.

2) Cupid's Bow


There was a time when Epic released special holiday weapons to celebrate festivals from all around the world. Cupid's Bow was released a couple of times around Valentine's Day during previous seasons.

However, this practice has slowly become obsolete. Even the Cupid Bow hasn't appeared for a long while, and festive weapons are also unheard of.

3) Smoke grenades


Most FPS games and BRs have smoke grenades as one of the utilities. Following the same path, Epic =also introduced smokes in Fortnite.

Unfortunately, this was one of the biggest mistakes the developers could ever make. Loopers spammed the map with smoke grenades that were almost impossible to see through.

Naturally, Epic had to remove these from the game.

4) Royale Bomber


Rare skins in Fortnite are some of the most popular cosmetics. However, there is hardly any skin as rare as the Royale Bomber. It was neither a part of the Battle Pass nor did it ever come into the Item Shop.

It was a promotional skin, and only individuals who purchased the PS4 bundles had this rare skin. Clearly, many hardly know that this skin even exists in the game.

5) J.J. Abrams

Star Wars fanatics had a field day when Epic announced a live event collaborating with the popular sci-fi franchise. This one-of-a-kind event featured several popular characters from the legendary pop culture franchise, many of which also came to the game as skins.

Surprisingly, J.J. Abrams also made a cameo appearance during a live event, but hardly any player noticed him. Those who did see the famous filmmaker expected a skin inspired by him, but that was the last anyone saw of him.

6) Friendly fire


Once upon a time, Fortnite was reigning in chaos as it also allowed friendly fire. Users could shoot and eliminate their teammates, which often ended up being a hilarious joke between friends.

However, this wasn't as funny when playing with randoms, who griefed like there was no tomorrow. In fact, several popular streamers were permanently banned for killing their teammates before Epic removed the toxic feature.

7) Pianos


TikToks and viral videos featuring gamers playing a giant piano in the creative mode and making exciting music covers are always a delight to watch. Interestingly, not many know that there was a time when these giant pianos in Fortnite were spread across the island.

Loopers had to play them during a regular game to complete challenges.

8) Eye of the Storm Tracker

A backpack that could predict the upcoming storm circles in Fortnite indeed sounds like an April Fool's joke. Not so much. For a brief 30 minutes, the developers accidentally added the Eye of the Storm Tracker item.

When equipped, players could see exactly where the next circle would form and plan accordingly. However, Epic soon realized how broken the Eye of the Storm Tracker in Fortnite would be. They instantly corrected their mistake by removing the item from the game forever.

9) Treasure chests


The theme of Fortnite Chapter 1 Season 8 was inspired by pirates, and no pirate is complete without a treasure. Epic added several treasure maps that led to buried treasures around the island. These treasure chests had some of the most fantastic loot users could find in a game.

Unfortunately, as soon as the season was over, these chests were removed from the game and never seen again. Gamers soon forgot about them, and anyone who started playing after Season 8 has no idea what treasure chests in Fortnite are.

1) Account merging


There was once a time when Epic allowed loopers to merge two accounts and have all their skins in a single one. It was very convenient for many individuals and one of the most incredible features ever to exist in-game.

However, for some reason, Epic removed the account merging feature in Fortnite. Anyone who has played the title since 2019 is stuck with multiple accounts and no way to merge them.

These things are from so long ago that hardly any player knows they ever existed in Fortnite. Reading about them now, many would wish for some to return, but at this point, that hardly seems possible.

Note: This article reflects the author's views.

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