Top 5 times Fortnite developers added game-breaking elements

Game-breaking Zero Point glitch in Fortnite (Image via FortNiteBR/Reddit)
Game-breaking Zero Point glitch in Fortnite (Image via FortNiteBR/Reddit)

Epic Games has tried its best to ensure that Fortnite is a near-perfect game. However, regardless of all its efforts, it has slipped up on certain fronts every now and then. From broken items to game-breaking glitches, the battle royale game has a history of controversial elements.

Game-breaking elements are a more common sight in Fortnite than one would imagine. Some of these might certainly be fresh in the memory of the players. On the other hand, some others got lost somewhere in the eighteen long seasons.

Worst game-breaking weapons, glitches, or other elements in Fortnite

5) B.R.U.T.E. Mech

Originally introduced in Fortnite Chapter 1 Season X, the B.R.U.T.E. Mech turned out to be an absolute menace. The machine couldn't even be countered by full squads. It had armor, unlimited missiles, unlimited shotgun ammo, and a storm that absolutely wreaked havoc on the island. The game-breaking combat vehicle has returned in Chapter 2 Season 8 in a much tamer avatar.


4) Infinity Blade

One of the first game-breaking weapons in Fortnite was the mythic Infinity Blade. The weapon was introduced in Chapter 1 Season 7 at Polar Peeks, and it was a free for all battle to get it. Once acquired, it granted players 200 HP and 200 Shields with 600 structure damage and 75 dash damage to players. These stats made the wielder of the Infinity Blade almost invincible.


3) Custom Superhero skins

Players still remember the Custom Superhero skins as one of the worst game-breaking skins in Fortnite. The all-black and white variants of the skin were extremely pay-to-win. Therefore, Epic Games was forced to remove these variants after popular demand from players.

fortnite custom superhero skins when you were able to have em be all black:

2) Zero Point Glitch

Back in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5, the exposed Zero Point could grant players max health upon contact. Many players exploited this game-breaking Fortnite glitch to cheat and win games. Instead of fighting inside the circle, they could just camp out the Zero Point and outlive the enemies. Even though Epic removed the glitch, it was certainly a frustrating experience for players while it lasted.


1) Eye of the Storm Tracker

Not many players might remember the Eye of the Storm Tracker item in Fortnite. This is because the item only existed in the game for a few minutes. It allowed players to accurately know the position of the final storm circle. However, Epic Games quickly decided that it was certainly game-breaking and should not exist.

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When developing a game such as Fortnite with an ever evolving meta, new weapons and collaborations, some experiments are bound to backfire. To Epic Games' credit they are usually very swift in dealing with the issues, and restore balance to the game as soon as possible.

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