Midas is Fortnite's greatest anti-hero, but with one major flaw 

Midas in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 (Image via Sportskeeda)
Midas in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 (Image via Sportskeeda)

The Fortnite lore has seen some great characters, but none have been as popular as Midas. The Golden King lives in the hearts of almost every player who has set foot on the Battle Royale island.

Over the years, Midas has become the greatest anti-hero the game has ever seen. The likes of Ice King, Dr. Slone, and the Cube Queen will never be as popular as him. However, celebrating Midas comes with a massive flaw that Epic Games continues to overlook.

Ever since his release, the popularity of Midas has continued to grow. This has also raised constant demands for Epic Games to revive him after his unfortunate demise. The longer the Golden King stays away from the storyline, the more agitated players will get.


Midas' journey in Fortnite so far

The Golden King was introduced back in Chapter 2 Season 2, as a Mythic Boss and the Tier 100 Battle Pass skin. His charming skin design and charisma as the villain of the season instantly attracted players. He was revealed to be the owner of SHADOW and the leader of GHOST and was one of the most powerful characters.

Midas wanted to destroy the Storm with the help of the Device. He worked with other bosses, henchmen, and his daughter Jules to harness the energy of the Storm. Unfortunately, the Device failed and resulted in the Storm turning into a wall of water.


At the beginning of Chapter 2 Season 3, the wall of water collapsed. A loot shark emerged out of this collapse and ended up killing Midas. This was the last anyone saw of him. Although several snapshots of Midas in Fortnite were released after his demise, they didn't last long and couldn't fill the hole left by the Golden King himself.

Every time a new season starts, players eagerly look for hints that could suggest the return of Midas in Fortnite. Unfortunately, unlike Agent Jones, Dr. Slone, Foundation, and the rest, Midas is not a recurring character.

Is Midas returning in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2?

Obviously, players are in love with Midas. No matter how good the Battle Royale game gets, Loopers will keep on asking for their favorite anti-hero to return. Unfortunately, unless Epic Games includes Midas into the canon storyline, players will not be able to see more of him.

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This flaw at the end of Epic Games of creating a great character and forgetting about him continues in Chapter 3 Season 2. As the IO goes to war against the Seven, the entire island is occupied by other businesses. Clearly, there is no room to fit Midas in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2.

It seems like players have still received no closure regarding Midas' unfortunate demise. If Epic Games is to correct the flaw it made with Midas, it only has two options. Either players get to see more of him, or his story is closed once and for all. For the sake of thousands, it is hopefully the former.

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