The story of Midas from Fortnite: How the golden marvel went from riches to rags

Image via Epic Games
Image via Epic Games
Brandon Moore

Midas is one of the most prolific skins and characters to emerge from Fortnite and its battle royale.

Midas is clearly inspired by the Greek myth of the same name. Anything the king touched turned to gold, which was a gift and a burden all at once. The similarities are quite obvious with the Fortnite character.


The character first appeared in the battle royale's Chapter 2 Season 2 Battlepass. Since then, fans of the game have seen his rise, fall, and complete disappearance at this point.

The story of Midas from Fortnite

Image via Epic Games
Image via Epic Games

In October of 2020, Midas was revealed to be one of the most Google searched Fortnite terms alongside Travis Scott. The curiosity of some players has died down, but many still wonder exactly where Midas may be.

Starting at the beginning, Midas was found at The Agency as a boss NPC in Fortnite. He was likely the leader of GHOST at this point, before the Device live event.

After the live event, Midas would go on to join SHADOW. His appearance changed and The Agency became The Authority. This was followed by his defeat as Chapter 2 Season 3 began.

Midas ran from the Fortnite island and was seen being attacked by a Loot Shark in a trailer. Many believe he was eaten alive. The end of Chapter 2 Season 4 saw him return as Shadow Midas.

The golden man who seemed to have everything was inches from success time and time again. He always seemed to fail, however. This includes the Galactus live event as the Zero Point was revealed.

This saw another Midas appear in the form of Midas Rex. Midax Rex is said to be responsible for the flood that forever changed the Fortnite battle royale island. Yet, his quest to rule the world was halted too.

*The above tweet is a thread with many theories and discussion regarding Midas' place in Fortnite lore.

Midas has made brief appearances in the Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point comic book series since he was last seen in the actual game. This could potentially set up his return to the island.

Though a villain, Midas is a popular Fortnite character. He essentially began the trend of Gold and Silver plated character skins. He abruptly vanished from the forefront of Fortnite lore after that though.

If anything comes from him showing up in Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point, fans will certainly rejoice. The once self-proclaimed king of the island could not maintain rule, but it makes one wonder if his story is truly complete.

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