Fortnite characters should become part of Marvel and DC, community brainstorms possibilities

Fortnite characters should become a part of Marvel and DC, community brainstorms the possibilities
It's about time that Fortnite's storyline branches out into other universes. (Image via Epic Games/Fortnite)

In Fortnite's ever-expanding world, collaborations have become a staple of the game's crucial elements, and the community has taken the discussion to brand-new heights. Players are buzzing with anticipation, pondering the possibilities of the game's characters becoming integral parts of other iconic universes such as Marvel and DC. The idea of intertwining the rich lores of the game and these massive franchises has ignited the collective imagination.

Some members of the community express how, despite the game's immense popularity, there have been no significant collaborations that bring its beloved characters into other entertainment mediums.

Fans envision scenarios where characters like the Foundation and the Ice King, who have been integral parts of the game's expansive narrative, are integrated into the Marvel and DC universes.

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Fortnite community's ideas for the game's storyline crossover potential

The prospect of seeing iconic Fortnite characters sharing the stage with beloved superheroes and villains from established franchises has bolstered the community's collective imagination. Imagine witnessing The Foundation showing up in Mortal Kombat as DLC, The Ageless showing up in Final Fantasy, or the Ice King showing up in a DC or Marvel animated feature.

Fortnite's intricate storyline provides a potent ground for integrating into video games and movies. The notion of incorporating the game's narrative into existing IPs has the potential to introduce fresh and dynamic story possibilities and have it all make sense due to Zero Point's existence. This, in turn, could open avenues for characters from other established universes to enter the game as exclusive skins.

The community has been buzzing with imaginative proposals. Some players have suggested the potential inclusion of Spider-Man Zero in the upcoming film Spider-Man: Beyond the Spiderverse, possibly blending the game's narrative elements with the multiverse concept of the Spiderverse movies.

Meanwhile, others have expressed the desire to possibly see a Jonesy Soldier: 76 making a crossover in Overwatch, blending the visual styles of both games. Some of the most notable reactions from the community are listed below:

The desire for Fortnite characters to become a part of beloved franchises like Marvel, DC, and Mortal Kombat is a testament to the storied history players have with the game's narrative.

They eagerly anticipate the day when characters like the Foundation, Ice King, John Jones, or maybe even Slone step into separate realms full of iconic superheroes and villains.

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